Brownells Customers Help Raise $137,000 For SOWW

It’s no secret that Brownells is and has been a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, as well as our brave veterans. The company recently ran a Veterans Day event from November 8 through November 12, 2021. During that time, Brownells pledged a percentage of the profits from their online sales to Special Operations WoundedContinue reading “Brownells Customers Help Raise $137,000 For SOWW”

RMEF Shells Out $180,000 To Aid Elk Migration Research

One of the keys to preserving our natural resources, more specifically the four-legged ones, is understanding how they move. Migration patterns are key. Knowing where animals are going gives us insights into why they’re going there. Are they moving toward food? Are they moving away from predators or human developments? These are the questions thatContinue reading “RMEF Shells Out $180,000 To Aid Elk Migration Research”

Big Horn Armory Donates $2,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Seeing the outdoor industry care for their communities makes me proud to be a part of it. These past few years have been tough for a lot of us, and for some, work has been scarce. This is why programs like Hunters for the Hungry seek to lift up those who have stumbled along theirContinue reading “Big Horn Armory Donates $2,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation”

Silencer Central Announces Updated Suppressor Buying Process

Like a two-year-old, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a gun quiet. The wait time to get a suppressor that you already paid for is legendary. The line at In-N-Out is nothing compared to the backed-up approval line at the ATF. One of the major issues is the archaic paper systemContinue reading “Silencer Central Announces Updated Suppressor Buying Process”

Pit Viper Donates 1,200 Pairs of Ballistic Sunglasses to Military

When shooting, we all understand the need to protect our eyes, and the want to look good doing it. Pit Viper is known for its eyewear that boasts bold designs. From gamers to shooters, Pit Viper’s glasses are making their rounds. Now, thanks to Pit Viper, up to 1,200 service members will be able toContinue reading “Pit Viper Donates 1,200 Pairs of Ballistic Sunglasses to Military”

Remington’s Core-Lokt Club Starts with A Prize-Packed Bang!

For those who have been hunting for some time, deer camp is a sacred place. As times and traditions have changed, so has that sacred place. Bringing the concept into the digital world, Remington has started Core-Lokt Club. The Club is a digital platform allowing members to carry on their traditions from afar, as wellContinue reading “Remington’s Core-Lokt Club Starts with A Prize-Packed Bang!”

Can-Am Off-Road works for Veterans with Special Ops Xcursions

The outdoor community truly takes care of its own. I’ve recently read about several companies that are giving back to the communities that keep them running. One such company is Can-Am Off-Road. Through Can-Am For A Cause, the company makes more than just vehicles; they make a difference. In this case, they have partnered withContinue reading “Can-Am Off-Road works for Veterans with Special Ops Xcursions”

RMEF Gives New Mexico Wildlife a $291,000 Boost

Doing what they do best, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, in conjunction with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (among others) has raised over $290,000. This money is set to benefit wildlife in the Land of Enchantment including elk, wolves, and mule deer. With such an arid climate, volunteers are determined to protectContinue reading “RMEF Gives New Mexico Wildlife a $291,000 Boost”

UPDATE: Henry Raises Over $46,000 For 6th Grade Maryland Girl

Last month, I wrote an article about an 11-year-old girl who was receiving help from Henry Repeating Arms. Battling through multiple congenital heart defects, leading to five open-heart surgeries, Sami Bernadzikowski and her family were facing some daunting medical expenses. To help them out, Henry Repeating Arms donated 65 special edition “Support 4 Sami” rifles. With generosityContinue reading “UPDATE: Henry Raises Over $46,000 For 6th Grade Maryland Girl”

Idaho Power Creates A New Passage For Trout In The Malad River

It’s not news that humans impact wildlife in a significant way. Expansion and industrialization of areas that were once rural have threatened local populations of deer, fish, and other animals. In fact, the devastation of nature that’s caused by humans is almost all we ever hear. The truth is that there are people all across theContinue reading “Idaho Power Creates A New Passage For Trout In The Malad River”