Guns & Ammo Silencer of the Year Won by Silencer Central BANISH 30

The suppressor market is very competitive. With most suppressor manufacturers offering products to fill the same roles, innovation is the key to standing out. The Silencer Central BANISH 30, which was recently featured on Silencer Saturday, plays to win. After considering all of the options for this year, Guns & Ammo has named the BANISH 30Continue reading “Guns & Ammo Silencer of the Year Won by Silencer Central BANISH 30”

Guns & Ammo Rifle of the Year: The Savage Arms IMPULSE

Guns & Ammo recently awarded their yearly accolades to the new guns and gear of 2021. With some excellent products having been released, the competition was stiff. Coming out on top to land the Rifle of the Year award was Savage Arms with their straight-pull IMPULSE bolt-action rifle. Click the link below to read moreContinue reading “Guns & Ammo Rifle of the Year: The Savage Arms IMPULSE”

Safariland 575 GLS Pro-Fit Wins Guns & Ammo Holster of the Year

Safariland is known for making rugged, quality holsters. Their holsters are used by police and military around the globe. Now, their 575 GLS Pro-Fit concealment holster has been officially recognized. Guns & Ammo magazine has just named the inside-the-waistband holster the 2021 Holster of the Year. Read more on The Firearm Blog by clicking theContinue reading “Safariland 575 GLS Pro-Fit Wins Guns & Ammo Holster of the Year”

Guns For Great Causes: Henry Donates 65 Rifles For Charity

As a father, I hope that others in my community would come to the aid of my son if he ever fell ill. Helping within your community, especially when we belong to one that is so often shunned, is essential. For one little girl, that help comes in the form of 65 rifles. Henry RepeatingContinue reading “Guns For Great Causes: Henry Donates 65 Rifles For Charity”

Henry Repeating Arms Adds New Facility In Wisconsin

Many of us prefer to buy American-made products, and this is especially true when it comes to firearms that represent the history of our country. Henry Repeating Arms makes just such firearms. They also happen to share a love for American products, boldly promising their firearms are “Made in America, Or Not Made At All.”Continue reading “Henry Repeating Arms Adds New Facility In Wisconsin”

EOTech Donates $50,000 to Operation Recovery Efforts

As the situation in Afghanistan continues to unfold, some people refuse to leave anyone behind. Operation Recovery aims to continue helping at-risk individuals get out of Afghanistan. With requests for aid numbering in the 4,000s, the recovery effort needs funding. Thanks to a large donation from EOTech, the mission is $50,000 closer to accomplishing itsContinue reading “EOTech Donates $50,000 to Operation Recovery Efforts”

Smith & Wesson Moves Its Headquarters to Tennessee

Life can feel cramped sometimes, and as companies grow, they may need to move. This is not the case for Smith & Wesson. The already massive firearms manufacturer has sought shelter in a new home. The reasoning was not growth, but legislation that threatens the ability of the company to produce in its home state ofContinue reading “Smith & Wesson Moves Its Headquarters to Tennessee”

Wyoming To Petition For Delisting of Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are currently protected at a federal level – noting its 46-year, $52 million effort to protect grizzly numbers – Wyoming now wishes to take over. In the next couple of weeks, Governor Mark Gordon will petition the federal government for the delisting of grizzlies. Click the link to read the details on AllOutdoor.Continue reading “Wyoming To Petition For Delisting of Grizzly Bears”

Dunham’s Sports Opening First Store in Rock Springs, Wyoming

It seems that in a time when many stores are still being forced to close, Dunham’s Sports is thriving. In fact, the superstore has already opened three new stores this year with more on the horizon. One of these stores is Dunham’s first in the great state of Wyoming. Rock Springs, Wyoming can expect to welcome the store thisContinue reading “Dunham’s Sports Opening First Store in Rock Springs, Wyoming”

Federal Terminal Ascent Named “2021 Ammunition Product of the Year”

Every year, the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine awards Golden Bullseye Awards to the top-performing products released that year. A seven-member committee decides which products deserve this honor in several categories. For the “2021 Ammunition Product of the Year” Golden Bullseye Award, these NRA veterans selected Federal Premium’s Terminal Ascent ammunition. Read the rest on AllOutdoor by clicking the linkContinue reading “Federal Terminal Ascent Named “2021 Ammunition Product of the Year””