Hunters for the Hungry Gives 569,000 Servings of Meat

This past year has been tough for a lot of people. Due to government-mandated shutdowns, countless people have lost their jobs. The already horrible epidemic of worldwide hunger has greatly increased; however, you should never discount the willingness of people to sacrifice for their communities. In Tennessee, that sacrifice came by the way of HuntersContinue reading “Hunters for the Hungry Gives 569,000 Servings of Meat”

NEW for 2021: Irish Setter Releases Two Shoe Models

Protecting your feet from your environment doesn’t have to be boring. People (thankfully, not my wife) are sometimes willing to spend thousands of dollars on stylish shoes, regardless of comfort. Companies like Irish Setter take the time in designing quality footwear that gives you both style and comfort. Among many other products this Fall, IrishContinue reading “NEW for 2021: Irish Setter Releases Two Shoe Models”

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Raises $1.1 Million

It’s a simple fact that without animals, we cannot hunt. Those animals need a place to live. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation raises large amounts of money to protect the habitats of these animals preserving our hunting heritage. Recently, RMEF and its partners raised $1,134,098 to aid in conservation efforts for these important animals. TheContinue reading “Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Raises $1.1 Million”

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Seeks Volunteers to Clean Turkey Track Ranch State Trust Land

Colorado is a beautiful state full of people who care about the land they live on. If you’re one of these people, Colorado Parks & Wildlife needs your help. They are currently seeking volunteers to clean up Turkey Track Ranch. FOUNTAIN, Colo. – Volunteers are being sought by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to help cleanContinue reading “Colorado Parks & Wildlife Seeks Volunteers to Clean Turkey Track Ranch State Trust Land”

Primos Expands Popular Photoform Turkey Decoy Line

There is no limit to the advantages a hunter can use to be successful. One popular advantage is the use of decoys when hunting turkeys and other game animals. Primos Hunting makes quite a few products to ensure your success including many decoys. Primos has two new models coming soon. Expanding their Photoform Turkey Decoy line,Continue reading “Primos Expands Popular Photoform Turkey Decoy Line”

Caldwell releases NEW FDE Color for E-MAX Shadows

Hearing loss is one of the worst long-term effects that can affect shooters, and it’s also one of the most preventable. Options for hearing protection are getting more technologically advanced, smaller, and lighter. A trusted brand among shooters and hunters, Caldwell has introduced an FDE version of their E-MAX Shadows ear pro. “The E-Max Shadows areContinue reading “Caldwell releases NEW FDE Color for E-MAX Shadows”

Style for Man’s Best Friend: Introducing Galco’s Dog Collar

As cold days fade into memory and are replaced by Spring, outdoor activities are beginning to fill our schedules. For those with four-legged friends, that means training, hunting, hiking, and walks around the park. There’s no better time to upgrade your doggo’s collar. Galco Holsters, known for their quality leather holsters, has you covered. FreshContinue reading “Style for Man’s Best Friend: Introducing Galco’s Dog Collar”

Wildgame Innovations NEW Evolution Series Feeders

Feeders are a very valuable tool for hunters. They can attract and nourish wildlife; however, they have often been targets for undesired wildlife like rats and raccoons. Well, Wildgame Innovations, a Louisiana-based company, has two new models of feeders designed to prevent exactly that. Introducing the Wildgame Innovations Evolution Series Feeders. “A dependable hunting feederContinue reading “Wildgame Innovations NEW Evolution Series Feeders”

NEW from Avian-X – Introducing the PowerFlight Dove Decoy

Hunters taking various birds often rely on decoys, and in turn, they rely on Avian-X. The Louisiana-based company produces some of the most widely used decoys in the bird hunting realm. Now, available June 2021, Avian-X has introduced their newest hunting aid: introducing the PowerFlight Dove decoy. “For dove hunters looking for the ultimate, spinning-wingContinue reading “NEW from Avian-X – Introducing the PowerFlight Dove Decoy”

USFWS Now Supports Extending Grizzly Protections

Following a lawsuit by The Center for Biological Diversity, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has spent the past five years deciding whether grizzly bears should remain listed as threatened. As of March 2021, the USFWS now supports extending grizzly protections. “It’s frustrating that federal officials failed to provide specific and updated recovery recommendations in this long-overdueContinue reading “USFWS Now Supports Extending Grizzly Protections”