NEW Nighthawk Custom Mammoth Handle Waiter’s Knife

The weather is finally warming up. My first thought when I see the snow melting, life returning to the grass, and feel the sun on my back is that camping season is on the horizon. Most people I camp with believe that without something to drink, camping is just sitting in the woods. If wineContinue reading “NEW Nighthawk Custom Mammoth Handle Waiter’s Knife”

First Lite and National Deer Association Launch Specter Camo

Contrary to the belief of the uninformed, hunters are some of the strongest voices in conservation efforts. In fact, one of the most famous American hunters, Theodore Roosevelt, established 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reserves, four national game preserves, and five national parks. In that spirit, First Lite has teamed up with the National DeerContinue reading “First Lite and National Deer Association Launch Specter Camo”

NEW Halo Hyper X Laser-Rangefinding Crossbow Scope

Hunting with a crossbow can yield some tasty results. The accuracy of a crossbow complemented by the right optic can help secure those results. Halo Optics, known for its handheld laser rangefinders, is introducing the new Halo Hyper X Crossbow Scope. “One of the most common reasons for missed shots while hunting happens right beforeContinue reading “NEW Halo Hyper X Laser-Rangefinding Crossbow Scope”

Turkey Deception: The HDR Feeder Decoy from Avian-X

People and animals alike tend to feel more comfortable in a group of their own kind. Decoys are used in the hunting of many animals including deer and duck. This form of hunting is Avian-X’s bread and butter. Adding to their line of decoys meant for turkey hunting, Avian-X has released the HDR Feeder Decoy.Continue reading “Turkey Deception: The HDR Feeder Decoy from Avian-X”

The NEW Silent Swivel Blind Chair from Ameristep

“Ow! My tail bone!” If you find yourself saying those words frequently, you might need a more comfortable place to sit. This is especially true while sitting in a cold hunting blind for hours. Coming soon this May, a new option comes to market from Ameristep. This is the Silent Swivel Blind Chair. “Long sitsContinue reading “The NEW Silent Swivel Blind Chair from Ameristep”

2021 Marks 25th Anniversary of the Laser Rangefinder

There are some pieces of equipment that seem to have been around so long, that many of us don’t remember a time without them. One of the most used gadgets in hunting and long-range shooting is the laser rangefinder. Technology and convenience converge to give shooters a quick and accurate read on their distance fromContinue reading “2021 Marks 25th Anniversary of the Laser Rangefinder”

Big Game Brew Coffee Benefits the National Wild Turkey Federation

If you don’t drink coffee, you’re probably blessed with superhuman energy. If you do drink coffee (for pleasure or utility) you know how finding the perfect blend can start your day off right. Now you can start your day off by helping the National Wild Turkey Federation. Big Game Brew, a small batch coffee company,Continue reading “Big Game Brew Coffee Benefits the National Wild Turkey Federation”

NEW for 2021 – Flextone Thunder Chick Breeder Decoy

Now that Spring is among us, it’s time to give those turkeys everything you’ve got. Butterball makes a fairly juicy bird, but nothing matches the freshness and deservedness of a fresh, wild turkey. One of the techniques employed by turkey hunters is the use of decoys to attract the large birds. Meant to be usedContinue reading “NEW for 2021 – Flextone Thunder Chick Breeder Decoy”

NEW 5.11 Tactical Loadbearing Products and EDC Tools/Accessories

We all have to carry stuff. It sucks, but we have to do it. Fortunately, we have companies like 5.11 Tactical dumping time and money into finding creative solutions for life’s burdens. Let’s take a look at 5.11’s new loadbearing products and EDC tools and accessories for 2021. “Our end-users depend on 5.11 products andContinue reading “NEW 5.11 Tactical Loadbearing Products and EDC Tools/Accessories”

NEW for 2021 – 5.11 Tactical’s Men’s and Women’s Apparel

If you spend time outside or work as a first-responder, 5.11 Tactical makes just about every piece of gear or clothing that you might need. Even if you don’t, they even offer casual apparel and footwear for everybody. They make clothing for men and women and in every size you could need. Below you’ll findContinue reading “NEW for 2021 – 5.11 Tactical’s Men’s and Women’s Apparel”