Fix It Sticks Releases Compact Ratcheting Multi-Tool Kit

If I carried every tool I thought I might need at the range, my bag would be far too heavy to take with me. I especially don’t want to carry around all of those same tools while on a hike or a hunt. This is why small, convenient tools have been popular over the years.Continue reading “Fix It Sticks Releases Compact Ratcheting Multi-Tool Kit”

Introducing the Ceviche Fillet Knife from Gerber Knives

The second best part of fishing, aside from the act itself, is eating what you catch. There aren’t many things that are better than a fresh rainbow trout over an open fire. There’s a lot of work to be done between those two things, however. One tool that is absolutely necessary to successfully eat yourContinue reading “Introducing the Ceviche Fillet Knife from Gerber Knives”

Turkey Season Welcomes TenPoint’s NEW Turbo S1 Crossbow

With turkey season just about here, many hunters are grabbing their favorite scatterguns. Not you, though. Your hand goes for the crossbow. If that sounds familiar, then I’m sure you’re familiar with TenPoint. This turkey season, TenPoint is releasing their newest crossbow. This is the new Turbo S1. Click the link to read more from AllOutdoor Turkey SeasonContinue reading “Turkey Season Welcomes TenPoint’s NEW Turbo S1 Crossbow”

Faux Foliage: The NEW Arcturus Realtree EDGE 3D Leaf Suit

No matter what you’re hunting, every inch that you advance on your prey gives you an advantage. Animals aren’t dumb, however. Hunters often use scents and move quietly to keep from being detected, but those only cover two of the senses. If you’d like to avoid being seen, camouflage is what you need. To takeContinue reading “Faux Foliage: The NEW Arcturus Realtree EDGE 3D Leaf Suit”

Gerber’s Multi-Fork Gets An Upgrade: The Devour Titanium

Whether you’re a hunter or a camper, a finance professional or a garbage man, all of us have one very important thing in common; we gotta eat! Not only do we have to eat, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. Like with all tasks, you want to use the right tool forContinue reading “Gerber’s Multi-Fork Gets An Upgrade: The Devour Titanium”

The NEW HyperX Tactical Vest From Safariland Armor

Safariland Group covers a wide range of products, including armor and armor carriers. The newest of these is an armor system that is built for modularity, as well as to integrate with comms. Brand new from Safariland Armor, this is the HyperX Tactical Vest. Head to The Firearm Blog for more details by clicking below.Continue reading “The NEW HyperX Tactical Vest From Safariland Armor”

Hannah Barron Becomes New Huk Brand Ambassador

With the 52nd Bassmaster Classic happening this weekend, people from all over will be flocking to Greenville, South Carolina. One of those people will be Hannah Barron, sometimes known as “The Catfish Girl”. Popular on social media for pulling up massive catfish, Hannah will be joining Huk as their new brand ambassador. Read more beforeContinue reading “Hannah Barron Becomes New Huk Brand Ambassador”

The NEW Custom Website Builder For Guidesly Users

Small businesses have had a pretty rough go in recent years. For those who hunt and fish, small businesses are a big part of our lives. Local bait shops, boat rentals, and guides are often run by a handful of family members. Understanding that a web presence can be difficult to maintain for smaller businesses,Continue reading “The NEW Custom Website Builder For Guidesly Users”

Federal Judge Restores Protections To Gray Wolf Populations

A federal judge from Oakland, California has just made a ruling to restore federal protections to Gray wolf populations across the nation. With wolf numbers at an all-time high, some groups including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are voicing their opposition to the ruling. Meanwhile, environmental groups are calling for more Endangered Species Act protections. ReadContinue reading “Federal Judge Restores Protections To Gray Wolf Populations”

Where’s A Good Boy? The Garmin TT 15X and T 5X Dog Devices

When I leave the house for an outdoor adventure of any kind, I get a kss and a “be careful” from my wife. We all want the people we care about to return home to us unscathed. But what about our four-legged friends? We can’t ignore the safety of our furry companions. A dog isContinue reading “Where’s A Good Boy? The Garmin TT 15X and T 5X Dog Devices”