RMEF Rounds Up $1.1 Million For Colorado Elk Habitats

Colorado is known for its natural beauty and variety of landscapes. If you like the desert, we have that. If you like the plains, we have that, too. If you want to wander through the forest, Colorado is the perfect state. Unfortunately, some people forget that these areas are more than recreational. These beautiful landsContinue reading “RMEF Rounds Up $1.1 Million For Colorado Elk Habitats”

RMEF Grants Colorado $1.1 Million With Help of Partners

As the urban areas of my home state of Colorado continue to expand, more attention is being paid to its natural resources. Local Coloradans love the beautiful wilderness and varying landscapes. These citizens include the almost 15,000 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation members. Now, through hard work and determination, the RMEF grants Colorado $1.1 million dollarsContinue reading “RMEF Grants Colorado $1.1 Million With Help of Partners”

RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research

Wyoming has some of the most beautiful and grand landscapes in the entire country. Similarly, the elk that live there are some of the most majestic animals in the deer family. Both of these picturesque resources need protecting, and that’s where the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation comes in. They’ve been providing aid to Wyoming sinceContinue reading “RMEF Injects $6M Into Wyoming Elk Habitat Research”

Elite Archery Bangs the Gavel: The NEW Verdict Bow

My first bow was one made of a tall stick that I found in my Grandma’s backyard and some dental floss. Though imprecise, it was a great time. Now that I’ve grown up, I see truly see the value in technological advancements. How far we’ve come in bow design. The latest in this lineage ofContinue reading “Elite Archery Bangs the Gavel: The NEW Verdict Bow”

Gold Tip Launches NEW Force F.O.C. Hunting Arrows

Arrow selection can be grueling if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Hunting arrows bring in another level of pressure to your decision. A strong, effective arrow can be the deciding factor on a hunt. Fortunately, Gold Tip has just released a forceful option to the market. These are the brand new FORCE F.O.C. (Front OfContinue reading “Gold Tip Launches NEW Force F.O.C. Hunting Arrows”

The NEW American Heritage Collection From Oakley SI

I remember a time when video games based on World War Two were being released every week. Band of Brothers was a landmark series, detailing events of the war 60 years after it began for the United States. The second world war has left its impact on our world economics, alliances, and our imaginations. It’sContinue reading “The NEW American Heritage Collection From Oakley SI”

Leupold Optics: NEW RX-FullDraw 5 Archery Rangefinder

There are plenty of ways to find your distance from a target. Most of them require math, and that’s just not something I’m willing to do. That’s where rangefinders come in. Typically thought of as an accessory for shooting rifles, they also serve an important role for bowhunters. Now, Leupold is offering an update toContinue reading “Leupold Optics: NEW RX-FullDraw 5 Archery Rangefinder”

Silencer Central Joins Up With Outdoorsman Jim Shockey

The massive growth in suppressor popularity over the past few years has bled into the hunting world. Many hunters are seeing the benefits of hunting with suppressed firearms. This trend is great for companies like Silencer Central. To help nudge hunters along, Silencer Central has recruited some names to spread the word. Large among themContinue reading “Silencer Central Joins Up With Outdoorsman Jim Shockey”

Gerber Offers Custom StrongArm for Military Appreciation Month

Congress designated May to be National Military Appreciation month in 1999. Since then, this has been a time to celebrate the hard work and sacrifice of those in the United States Armed Forces. Gerber wants to honor those brave men and women, as well. They are now offering a limited run of custom StrongArm fixedContinue reading “Gerber Offers Custom StrongArm for Military Appreciation Month”

Elite Survival Systems Releases NEW Travel Prone Tri-carry Bag

Heavy bags are a pain. What stinks, even more, is the way they’re carried. Most of the time, we’re forced to decide between two options. We can carry a large bag by the handle as it bumps into our legs and everything else in the building. The other option is an uncomfortable shoulder strap that’sContinue reading “Elite Survival Systems Releases NEW Travel Prone Tri-carry Bag”