The NEW Custom Website Builder For Guidesly Users

Small businesses have had a pretty rough go in recent years. For those who hunt and fish, small businesses are a big part of our lives. Local bait shops, boat rentals, and guides are often run by a handful of family members. Understanding that a web presence can be difficult to maintain for smaller businesses,Continue reading “The NEW Custom Website Builder For Guidesly Users”

Federal Judge Restores Protections To Gray Wolf Populations

A federal judge from Oakland, California has just made a ruling to restore federal protections to Gray wolf populations across the nation. With wolf numbers at an all-time high, some groups including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are voicing their opposition to the ruling. Meanwhile, environmental groups are calling for more Endangered Species Act protections. ReadContinue reading “Federal Judge Restores Protections To Gray Wolf Populations”

Where’s A Good Boy? The Garmin TT 15X and T 5X Dog Devices

When I leave the house for an outdoor adventure of any kind, I get a kss and a “be careful” from my wife. We all want the people we care about to return home to us unscathed. But what about our four-legged friends? We can’t ignore the safety of our furry companions. A dog isContinue reading “Where’s A Good Boy? The Garmin TT 15X and T 5X Dog Devices”

RMEF Gives $1 Million Toward Wildfire Recovery Efforts

I lived in California for the first 30 years of my life and now live in Colorado. This means that I’ve lived my whole life seeing the devastation caused by wildfires. Entire mountainsides blackened with ash and death, families displaced as their homes burn, and animals with nowhere to go. These tragic scenes happen everyContinue reading “RMEF Gives $1 Million Toward Wildfire Recovery Efforts”

Satellite Comms and SOS From Garmin: The inReach Mini 2

Whether you just hike local trails on the weekends or you live for extreme adventures, the danger of getting lost is a real one. If things go sideways, a GPS locator can be a very useful tool for getting help on the way. Equipped with satellite texting and a dedicated S.O.S. button, Garmin has justContinue reading “Satellite Comms and SOS From Garmin: The inReach Mini 2”

Savage Arms Gives to Ronald McDonald House with Kids & Clays

The shooting community has been rapidly expanding for the past two years. The industry has seen growth in groups that were previously uninterested or uneducated on the sport. Now, we’re seeing more and more pro-gun groups of women, minorities, and LGBTQ people joining our ranks. This is positive growth for shooting sports, but you mightContinue reading “Savage Arms Gives to Ronald McDonald House with Kids & Clays”

One-Handed Operation: The NEW Flipper Knife From TRUE

I carry quite a few tools with me everywhere I go. I have my concealed firearm, a knife, flashlight, my phone, and some basic medical equipment in my car. Of all of these tools, the one I use the most (thankfully), is the knife. A pocket folder is one of the most useful tools and worksContinue reading “One-Handed Operation: The NEW Flipper Knife From TRUE”

New Dog in the Primer Fight: Expansion Industries

Like recovering from a horrible accident, the road to normalcy after the Great Ammo Shortage of 2020 has been a rough one. Like driving on I-5 through Los Angeles, there were bumps, dips, and a lot of rude gestures. Reloaders thought they were safe from the shortage, but hoarding and supply chain problems took awayContinue reading “New Dog in the Primer Fight: Expansion Industries”

Magpul Releases Three NEW Glove Models For 2022

Our hands are some of the hardest-working parts of our bodies. We use them to cook, play, groom, and introduce ourselves. Most importantly, they allow us to work at our jobs and on the things we love. I think it’s only fair that we take care of them. The simplest way to do this isContinue reading “Magpul Releases Three NEW Glove Models For 2022”

The NEW Grab and Go Hunting Blind From Nukem Hunting

There are so many ways to hunt. Some hunters sit in trees, some walk around, and some even pop up out of the ground. What all of these methods have in common is the need to act quickly. If you’ve ever hunted from a blind, you know that setup isn’t always quick (I’m getting flashbacksContinue reading “The NEW Grab and Go Hunting Blind From Nukem Hunting”