The NEW 10+1 LCP MAX From Ruger

High capacity in a small package has been the trend for 9mm micro compact carry pistols. However, pistols chambered in .380 ACP had seemingly been forgotten. Utilizing the same 1.5 stack magazines that have increased capacity for 9mm handguns, Ruger has given .380 a boost. This is the new 10+1 Ruger LCP MAX. Chambered inContinue reading “The NEW 10+1 LCP MAX From Ruger”

Federal Premium Introduces Three Calibers to Syntech Range Line

Expanding upon their popular Syntech Range line of ammunition, Federal Premium has added three calibers for your shooting pleasure. The Syntech Range line now includes .38 SPL, 10mm Auto, and .380 ACP. If you’ve been hiding in the woods and are unfamiliar with Syntech, TFB has written numerous articles to bring you up to speed.Continue reading “Federal Premium Introduces Three Calibers to Syntech Range Line”