Springfield Armory Releases NEW 9mm Emissary 4.25″

For those who carry 1911s, the size and weight can become tiresome. Thankfully, we have variants with smaller frames and shorter barrels, but what if you want more capacity, too? One way to increase capacity is to change calibers. There has been a trend toward 9mm 1911 pistols in recent years. The smaller round increasesContinue reading “Springfield Armory Releases NEW 9mm Emissary 4.25″”

OutdoorHub Review: Springfield Armory 9mm Emissary 4.25″

I know a few people who like to carry 1911s. In fact, there have been so many of them throughout the last 111 years that the platform continues to thrive. Some things are changing, however. One major trend is 1911 pistols trading in the hard thump of the .45 ACP for the explosive crack ofContinue reading “OutdoorHub Review: Springfield Armory 9mm Emissary 4.25″”

Springfield Armory Expands Hellcat Line: The NEW Hellcat Pro

Big is back. Shooters have been shying away from small guns and opting for compact but capable micro-compacts. Springfield Armory’s entrance into the micro-compact market was a huge success with the introduction of the Hellcat. With that success comes more accessories, but more importantly, more guns. Expanding the Hellcat line of carry pistols, this isContinue reading “Springfield Armory Expands Hellcat Line: The NEW Hellcat Pro”

TFB Review: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with HEX Wasp

I remember when the goal of all new cellphones was to be as compact as possible, even if that meant the buttons were almost impossible to use. Since then, there has been a trend of phones getting bigger, as people are seeing the benefit of choosing added capability instead of convenience. However, the rapid advancementContinue reading “TFB Review: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with HEX Wasp”

Blazer Brass 9mm Lead-Free Clean-Fire: A Lead Alternative

The use of lead in ammunition has been on a pretty steady decline for the past few years. What seemed to start as a political encroachment on firearms owners quickly evolved into something else. Hunters stayed away from lead to keep from ingesting it, and due to promising performance shown by other materials. As someoneContinue reading “Blazer Brass 9mm Lead-Free Clean-Fire: A Lead Alternative”

SIG Custom Works Introduces The NEW P320 AXG Equinox

The SIG Sauer P320 has been a commercial success since the beginning and the lightweight polymer handgun hasn’t slowed down since. The ability to swap grip modules has also allowed entry into the P320 culture by those who prefer all-metal guns. If you’re one of those people, but you’d like it to come from theContinue reading “SIG Custom Works Introduces The NEW P320 AXG Equinox”

MasterPiece Arms Adds The NEW 9mm DS9 Commander

The 1911/2011market continues to expand as shooters come to appreciate the blending of high capacity and the 1911’s legendary shootability. Previously unleashing the MPA DS40 Travis Tomasie Competition Pistol, MasterPiece Arms is expanding upon its DS line of high-end, machined in the U.S.A. pistols. The newest release is the MasterPiece Arms MPA DS9 Commander, aContinue reading “MasterPiece Arms Adds The NEW 9mm DS9 Commander”

New XD-S Mod.2 OSP Variants From Springfield Armory

Initially introduced in 2012, the Springfield XD-S has grown into a family of firearms. The Mod.2 version saw the introduction of optics-ready slides into the series, which added the OSP designation. New from Springfield Armory are four new XD-S Mod.2 OSP variants to fit your carry gun needs. Our most popular single-stack EDC is nowContinue reading “New XD-S Mod.2 OSP Variants From Springfield Armory”

TFB Review: The Competition-Minded Heckler & Koch VP9 Match

I’ve been shooting competitively for a couple years now. I haven’t taken it too seriously and the number of matches I’ve attended is still in the single digits. In all of those competitions, I’ve shot my mostly stock third-generation Glock 19. The pistol is a workhorse but is by no means aimed at competitive shooters.Continue reading “TFB Review: The Competition-Minded Heckler & Koch VP9 Match”

Wilson Combat’s NEW SFX9 3.25″

For a while, plastic fantastics had made 1911-patterned firearms obsolete. Not completely so, but as a concealed carry option, they no longer made sense. A polymer pistol could hold 15 rounds of 9mm instead of seven rounds of .45 ACP. They also weighed almost half as much as a 1911. However, chambering the 1911 inContinue reading “Wilson Combat’s NEW SFX9 3.25″”