Appendix Carry: You’ll Shoot Your @#$% Off!

We’ve heard it time and again; if you carry in the appendix position, you’ll lose some vital parts. Do the Gun Cranks agree? Find out in this special four-way episode with Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, Erick Gelhaus, and Nic Lenze. To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or AmericanContinue reading “Appendix Carry: You’ll Shoot Your @#$% Off!”

Galco Releases NEW Paragon 2.0 Inside-The-Waistband Holster

Contrary to the belief of certain shooting competition organizations, appendix carry is a viable and very popular option for those who carry concealed. The position allows me to maintain constant control of my firearm and provides a very quick draw. Galco understands, however, and has just released their Paragon 2.0 holster, designed specifically for AIWBContinue reading “Galco Releases NEW Paragon 2.0 Inside-The-Waistband Holster”