Freedom Munitions X-DEF Line Adds 38 Special

Despite what the keyboard warriors tell you, revolvers are not dead. Plenty of people still carry wheel guns for a variety of reasons, and for that, they need defensive ammunition. Just added to their list of options is an expansion of the Freedom Munitions X-Def line. Now available for your defensive needs, the lineup nowContinue reading “Freedom Munitions X-DEF Line Adds 38 Special”

Remington Ammunition’s NEW 2023 Product Lineup

As the needs of shooters evolve, ammunition offerings and technology need to evolve, also. Remington has been in the ammo game for over one hundred years, so this is clearly a concept they understand. Regardless of the type of shooting that you do, Remington already offers options for you. For 2023, Remington has continued theirContinue reading “Remington Ammunition’s NEW 2023 Product Lineup”

Speer Impact Bullet NEW To Remington Premier Long Range Ammunition

When I hear the name Speer, I think of duty ammunition, probably due to the type of shooting I do. However, those who take fewer shots in more rugged environments equate the name with one-shot stops on their prey. Equally known in the hunting and long-range world, Remington has joined forces with Speer, its sisterContinue reading “Speer Impact Bullet NEW To Remington Premier Long Range Ammunition”

CCI Rimfire Ammunition Takes 7th Win of Predator Xtreme Gold Award

Every year, Predator Xtreme magazine hands out awards for the best products on the market, all of which are actually used by their readers. This year, the people have spoken in favor of CCI. The People’s Choice Gold award has been given with praise of CCI rimfire ammunition. Learn more on The Firearm Blog whenContinue reading “CCI Rimfire Ammunition Takes 7th Win of Predator Xtreme Gold Award”

Predator Xtreme 2023 Best Shotshell Gold Award Goes To Federal

In a landscape occupied by giants, winning an ammunition award is difficult. This year, Federal makes it look easy by taking the Best Shotshell Gold award, presented to them at SHOT Show by Predator Xtreme. Read more on AllOutdoor when you click below Predator Xtreme 2023 Best Shotshell Gold Award Goes To Federal

Speer Ammunition Awarded Duty Ammunition Contract For French Police

Despite the jokes, the French have an incredibly storied history in the use of firearms. They’ve been involved in over 100 wars and conflicts around the globe, in which firearms were used. Domestically, their GIGN (Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale) counter-terrorism unit is one of the most elite in the world. All of thoseContinue reading “Speer Ammunition Awarded Duty Ammunition Contract For French Police”

NEW 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book From Federal

Interest in the outdoors doesn’t just mean being outside. There are so many aspects of our world that many people don’t associate with outdoor living. It also means knowledge of animals, plants, and environments different from our own. The outdoors teaches us endless lessons about patience, cooking, vehicle maintenance, perseverance, and more. Federal Ammunition knows a thing orContinue reading “NEW 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book From Federal”

In Time For Spring: APEX Ammunition Shipping Turkey TSS Loads

You might be tired of me saying it, but turkey season is just about here. I can’t help it. There’s not a whole lot of things more exciting than the start of a season. This is when we’re starting to select and prep our gear. We carefully select our boots, clothes, guns, and ammunition. WhileContinue reading “In Time For Spring: APEX Ammunition Shipping Turkey TSS Loads”

HEVI-Shot Launches NEW HEVI-18 TSS Turkey Loads

I can’t believe it’s almost spring again. Flowers, bees, and shootin’ turkeys. Turkey season will be upon us soon and it’s time to start deciding what gear you’ll be using this year. Aside from the gun, ammunition selection is one of the most important decisions you can make. HEVI-Shot, while at the National Wild Turkey Federation’sContinue reading “HEVI-Shot Launches NEW HEVI-18 TSS Turkey Loads”

New Dog in the Primer Fight: Expansion Industries

Like recovering from a horrible accident, the road to normalcy after the Great Ammo Shortage of 2020 has been a rough one. Like driving on I-5 through Los Angeles, there were bumps, dips, and a lot of rude gestures. Reloaders thought they were safe from the shortage, but hoarding and supply chain problems took awayContinue reading “New Dog in the Primer Fight: Expansion Industries”