Arisaka Defense Introduces NEW Hand Stop M-Lok

Slick, minimal, and effective, the hand and finger stops from Arisaka Defense have found their way onto our favorite rifles, pistols, and PDWs. The newest iteration, the Hand Stop M-Lok, will look right at home on your favorite M-LOK compatible firearm. Read more on The Firearm Blog when you click the link below. Arisaka DefenseContinue reading “Arisaka Defense Introduces NEW Hand Stop M-Lok”

Arisaka Defense Adds NEW Mounts For MRO and ACRO Red Dots

There are so many cool optics available to us as shooters. We can have a whole box full of them, but it doesn’t do us any good if we don’t have a reliable way to mount them. Mounts also come in a variety of flavors. Colors, materials, and mount heights vary greatly from brand toContinue reading “Arisaka Defense Adds NEW Mounts For MRO and ACRO Red Dots”

The NEW Aimpoint Micro Mount From Arisaka

When I think of Arisaka Defense, I think of high-quality light mounts. It only makes sense that they also produce mounts for other parts, such as optics. Many red dots have adopted the Aimpoint T1/T2 footprint. Available in two heights, the new Aimpoint Micro Mount from Arisaka Defense is built to accommodate these red dots.Continue reading “The NEW Aimpoint Micro Mount From Arisaka”

Brighten Your Day With the NEW Arisaka 18650 Series Weaponlight

A good weapon-mounted light for your defensive rifle is one of the first accessories you should buy. Identifying your target before perforating it is incredibly important. There are many types and brands available for different needs. Arisaka Defense makes several light options, as well as mounts and tail caps to match. The newest to hitContinue reading “Brighten Your Day With the NEW Arisaka 18650 Series Weaponlight”