Atibal Optics Unveils HYBRID12 1-12×32 SFP LPVO

With low power variable optics constantly improving, I often wonder what the true magnification limit will be. Well, Atibal Optics has pushed that line a little further. Expected in April 2022 (currently available for pre-sale), this is the new HYBRID12, Atibal’s 1-12×32 second focal plane LPVO. Get the specs by following the link to TheContinue reading “Atibal Optics Unveils HYBRID12 1-12×32 SFP LPVO”

NEW Competition Red Dot: The CRD From Atibal Sights

When it comes to pistol competition, divisions that allow optics are where all of the action is. However, not long ago, the optics and guns they went on made it nearly impossible to afford to get into the sport. As lower-priced, higher-quality pistols have found their way onto the shelves, the same has happened withContinue reading “NEW Competition Red Dot: The CRD From Atibal Sights”