A good belt makes all the difference between keeping your firearm concealed or being kicked out of Chilis. It is also of premium importance when you’re at the range. I have a belt that performs well in both functions. Click below to read the rest on American Handgunner. GUNNYSACK: ATTACKPAK VENOM INNER BELT

Galco Holsters Releases NEW 1.5″ Nylon Trail Belt

Keeping the weight of your loadout on your hips is ideal for comfort and to avoid back problems down the line. This means that one of the most valuable pieces of gear you can have is a sturdy belt. This belt will be in charge of carrying the burden of everything attached to it, asContinue reading “Galco Holsters Releases NEW 1.5″ Nylon Trail Belt”

Introducing Magpul’s NEW Everyday Carry Tejas Belts

Belts are sometimes thought of as either decorative or practical, but why not both? Magpul had the same question when they released the original Tejas belts. Now, new for 2022, Magpul is extending the line with three new styles: the El Delgado, El Pistolero, and El Cibolo. Get the details from AllOutdoor by clicking theContinue reading “Introducing Magpul’s NEW Everyday Carry Tejas Belts”

The NEW Ratcheting Perigee Belt From Boxer Outdoors

If there’s one thing that I do every day that keeps me out of jail ad off of YouTube, it’s keeping my pants up in public. A good, reliable belt can save you a lot of embarrassment, as well as act as a platform to carry all of your daily gear. Having experience with theContinue reading “The NEW Ratcheting Perigee Belt From Boxer Outdoors”

Apogee Force Multiplier: The DarkSide Outer Belt From Norden Outdoors

If you work armed security, there’s a possibility that things could get hairy. If that were to happen, having an easily accessible belt with more capability could be invaluable. Getting the outer belt to correctly integrate with your concealment attire is the trick. One of the more handsome options for concealed carry belts, the BoxerContinue reading “Apogee Force Multiplier: The DarkSide Outer Belt From Norden Outdoors”