The NEW Lightweight GRND-Pod Bipod From MDT

From crossing some sticks to using a bag full of sand, there are so many ways to stabilize your gun. What these methods have in common is that they seek to hold the front of the gun as still as possible. One other solution – the bipod – is both convenient and effective. Bipods serveContinue reading “The NEW Lightweight GRND-Pod Bipod From MDT”

Strike Industries Releases the NEW Strike Bipod Grip

The modern rifle is a major improvement upon older designs in many aspects. One of the most important improvements is the expansive modularity and aftermarket that come along with each firearm. As rifles gained the ability to be easily customized, folks began to buy all of the coolest accessories. The problem with this is realContinue reading “Strike Industries Releases the NEW Strike Bipod Grip”

Take Home A Turkey With the Swagger QD42 Bipod

Regardless of the kind of game you’re hunting, stability and a good, clean shot will make or break you. Many hunters rely on shooting sticks, while others use bipods. Finding its way somewhere in the middle is the Swagger QD42 bipod. It combines the benefits of using a bipod with the freedom and flexibility ofContinue reading “Take Home A Turkey With the Swagger QD42 Bipod”