NEW Fits: Blackhawk Expands Stache and T-Series Holster Lineup

Blackhawk has added more than its fair share of products to the market. Everything from backpacks to holsters. Continuing the trend in late 2021, Blackhawk expands two of its popular holster lineups. These are new fits for the Stache and T-Series L2C holsters. Click below to read more on The Firearm Blog. NEW Fits: BlackhawkContinue reading “NEW Fits: Blackhawk Expands Stache and T-Series Holster Lineup”

Direct To You In 72 Hours: The NEW Blackhawk Custom Holster Shop

When I get a new gun, I want my holster NOW! Wait times for custom holsters can rival the drive-through at In-N-Out on a Saturday night, but I also want to make sure I get what I want. Fortunately, Blackhawk has introduced a new option for reasonable holster wait times. Just unveiling the Blackhawk CustomContinue reading “Direct To You In 72 Hours: The NEW Blackhawk Custom Holster Shop”

Blackhawk Expands Stache Holsters to G43, GX4, and More

Earlier this year, Blackhawk released their new Stache IWB holster. Obviously targeted for concealed carry, they wanted to make a rigid and modular inside the waistband option. Initially only available for a few popular handguns, Blackhawk now expands Stache to fit emerging contenders in the concealed carry market, including the Springfield Armory Hellcat and theContinue reading “Blackhawk Expands Stache Holsters to G43, GX4, and More”

Blackhawk Introduces Streamlight TLR-7A Flex & TLR1-HL Lights

Company collaborations, just like a song with Timbaland, can lead to some pretty great products. Aside from the people with no respect for safety who shoot blindly at dark shapes in their homes, we all understand the need for a flashlight. Different applications change what kind of light you need. Sometimes a handheld is theContinue reading “Blackhawk Introduces Streamlight TLR-7A Flex & TLR1-HL Lights”

Tips for Concealed Carry: Blackhawk’s Carry Positions Guide

Over the past year, ownership of firearms has skyrocketed. Over eight million people in the United States have bought their first firearm. These purchases didn’t come from a sudden interest in competitive shooting. People are looking around them and seeing that the world is full of predators. Now, they want to protect themselves. There isContinue reading “Tips for Concealed Carry: Blackhawk’s Carry Positions Guide”