EDC Machete: Gerber’s NEW DoubleDown Folding Machete

Having a specific tool for a task can be very helpful. However, when hiking or working in the backcountry, having a tool for each and every task could become a huge weight burden. Tools that combine functions, when done correctly, are extremely helpful. Enter the Gerber DoubleDown (not to be confused with the KFC DoubleContinue reading “EDC Machete: Gerber’s NEW DoubleDown Folding Machete”

DRD Tactical Reintroduces the Sleek Securis Tomahawk

An axe has many purposes. They were seen on battlefields in the days when you could die from diarrhea. They cleared paths in the American journey to the Pacific Ocean. Even in modern times, axes both help provide fire and save people from it. The utility of an axe is hard to match. DRD Tactical,Continue reading “DRD Tactical Reintroduces the Sleek Securis Tomahawk”