NEW 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book From Federal

Interest in the outdoors doesn’t just mean being outside. There are so many aspects of our world that many people don’t associate with outdoor living. It also means knowledge of animals, plants, and environments different from our own. The outdoors teaches us endless lessons about patience, cooking, vehicle maintenance, perseverance, and more. Federal Ammunition knows a thing orContinue reading “NEW 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book From Federal”

Clint Emerson’s New 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION

If you find that all of your survival or combat knowledge comes from a Keanu Reeves movie (I’m talking about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), you might want to brush up. Former SEAL Team member Clint Emerson has released another book to help you do just that. Now available in print and digital is Emerson’sContinue reading “Clint Emerson’s New 100 Deadly Skills: COMBAT EDITION”