Colt Announces The Return of the Short-Barreled 3″ Python

Rereleased in 2020, the Colt Python turned heads. The chance to own a new production of one of America’s favorite revolvers was exhilarating. Colt is forging ahead with new options for Python lovers. New for 2022, Colt is offering the classic short-barreled 3″ Python. See more on OutdoorHub by clicking the link. Colt Announces TheContinue reading “Colt Announces The Return of the Short-Barreled 3″ Python”

History of the Colt 1911

“Two world wars!” This is a statement you’ll often hear from 1911 fans who think the platform is still the best. This is in reference to the service that the 1911 saw in both the first and second world wars. The statement has become somewhat of a joke, as we all know the pistol didn’tContinue reading “History of the Colt 1911”