Springfield Armory Expands Hellcat Line: The NEW Hellcat Pro

Big is back. Shooters have been shying away from small guns and opting for compact but capable micro-compacts. Springfield Armory’s entrance into the micro-compact market was a huge success with the introduction of the Hellcat. With that success comes more accessories, but more importantly, more guns. Expanding the Hellcat line of carry pistols, this isContinue reading “Springfield Armory Expands Hellcat Line: The NEW Hellcat Pro”

TFB Review: Springfield Armory .45 ACP XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP Pistol

The concealed carry market is, in my opinion, the most diverse in the industry. Everybody is different, and due to their differences in physical geometry, preferences, and circumstances, many different types of firearms are needed. For me, I live in a place where I’m mostly concerned with two-legged predators, but I also don’t spend tooContinue reading “TFB Review: Springfield Armory .45 ACP XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP Pistol”

TFB Review: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with HEX Wasp

I remember when the goal of all new cellphones was to be as compact as possible, even if that meant the buttons were almost impossible to use. Since then, there has been a trend of phones getting bigger, as people are seeing the benefit of choosing added capability instead of convenience. However, the rapid advancementContinue reading “TFB Review: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with HEX Wasp”

New XD-S Mod.2 OSP Variants From Springfield Armory

Initially introduced in 2012, the Springfield XD-S has grown into a family of firearms. The Mod.2 version saw the introduction of optics-ready slides into the series, which added the OSP designation. New from Springfield Armory are four new XD-S Mod.2 OSP variants to fit your carry gun needs. Our most popular single-stack EDC is nowContinue reading “New XD-S Mod.2 OSP Variants From Springfield Armory”

The Best Concealed Carry Gun

Concealed carry is something that I take very seriously. For my family, it is the option we chose to protect ourselves from the predators of the world. It’s not for everybody, and that’s okay, but it works for us. The firearm is a tool for a specific job, and just like all tools, some are betterContinue reading “The Best Concealed Carry Gun”

Circle Circle Dot Dot: The NEW S&W Shield Plus 3.1″ Optics Ready

The micro-compact space within the firearms market is packed with great options. Small, light, comfortable, and full of features, these small firearms have changed the concealed carry game. One feature that has come to be a given is a slide that’s ready to accept a pistol-mounted optic. Coming to market with an anticipated update toContinue reading “Circle Circle Dot Dot: The NEW S&W Shield Plus 3.1″ Optics Ready”

Springfield Armory’s NEW Optics-Ready XD-M Elite 10mm Compact

As winter approaches, new challenges enter the concealed carry arena. Heavy clothing on a bad guy and four-legged predator attacks while hunting means that many of us opt for more potent calibers. The ebb and flow of 10mm’s popularity aside, there is no debate that the caliber’s power can solve most problems. With these capabilitiesContinue reading “Springfield Armory’s NEW Optics-Ready XD-M Elite 10mm Compact”

Wilson Combat’s NEW SFX9 3.25″

For a while, plastic fantastics had made 1911-patterned firearms obsolete. Not completely so, but as a concealed carry option, they no longer made sense. A polymer pistol could hold 15 rounds of 9mm instead of seven rounds of .45 ACP. They also weighed almost half as much as a 1911. However, chambering the 1911 inContinue reading “Wilson Combat’s NEW SFX9 3.25″”

The NEW 10+1 LCP MAX From Ruger

High capacity in a small package has been the trend for 9mm micro compact carry pistols. However, pistols chambered in .380 ACP had seemingly been forgotten. Utilizing the same 1.5 stack magazines that have increased capacity for 9mm handguns, Ruger has given .380 a boost. This is the new 10+1 Ruger LCP MAX. Chambered inContinue reading “The NEW 10+1 LCP MAX From Ruger”

Compensation For Carriers: The NEW S&W Model 19 Carry Comp

There’s no argument that .357 Magnum isn’t a man-stopper. The success of this round has kept it in vogue since its introduction in 1934. Just as time has lead to advancements in the caliber’s ballistics, it’s also lead to better guns to carry it in. Revolvers are still being carried every day in this country. People areContinue reading “Compensation For Carriers: The NEW S&W Model 19 Carry Comp”