Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field

I come from a generation where nobody calls each other. Texts are the preferred way to communicate which makes it especially odd (or suspicious) to receive a phone call. Recently, I found myself getting a call from my Aunt Judi. The instant dread of ‘Who died?” set in and I picked up. I instantly recognizedContinue reading “Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field”

RMEF Gives $1 Million Toward Wildfire Recovery Efforts

I lived in California for the first 30 years of my life and now live in Colorado. This means that I’ve lived my whole life seeing the devastation caused by wildfires. Entire mountainsides blackened with ash and death, families displaced as their homes burn, and animals with nowhere to go. These tragic scenes happen everyContinue reading “RMEF Gives $1 Million Toward Wildfire Recovery Efforts”

RMEF Grants Over $750,000 to Idaho Conservation Efforts

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is making it clear that they mean business by putting up some big numbers. The organization made an initial donation of $202,550. With the help of their partners, they grew that money to an outstanding $750,639 to help with Idaho conservation efforts. Click below to get more information from AllOutdoor. RMEF GrantsContinue reading “RMEF Grants Over $750,000 to Idaho Conservation Efforts”

RMEF Shells Out $180,000 To Aid Elk Migration Research

One of the keys to preserving our natural resources, more specifically the four-legged ones, is understanding how they move. Migration patterns are key. Knowing where animals are going gives us insights into why they’re going there. Are they moving toward food? Are they moving away from predators or human developments? These are the questions thatContinue reading “RMEF Shells Out $180,000 To Aid Elk Migration Research”

Big Horn Armory Donates $2,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Seeing the outdoor industry care for their communities makes me proud to be a part of it. These past few years have been tough for a lot of us, and for some, work has been scarce. This is why programs like Hunters for the Hungry seek to lift up those who have stumbled along theirContinue reading “Big Horn Armory Donates $2,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation”

RMEF Gives New Mexico Wildlife a $291,000 Boost

Doing what they do best, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, in conjunction with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (among others) has raised over $290,000. This money is set to benefit wildlife in the Land of Enchantment including elk, wolves, and mule deer. With such an arid climate, volunteers are determined to protectContinue reading “RMEF Gives New Mexico Wildlife a $291,000 Boost”

Idaho Power Creates A New Passage For Trout In The Malad River

It’s not news that humans impact wildlife in a significant way. Expansion and industrialization of areas that were once rural have threatened local populations of deer, fish, and other animals. In fact, the devastation of nature that’s caused by humans is almost all we ever hear. The truth is that there are people all across theContinue reading “Idaho Power Creates A New Passage For Trout In The Malad River”

Oregon Conservation Projects Receive $3.3 Million From RMEF

Over 25 counties in Oregon are about to receive a lot of help. Thanks to the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and conservation-minded individuals, Oregon’s natural resources are receiving $3.3 million. Get more details when you click below to head to AllOutdoor. Oregon Conservation Projects ReceiveContinue reading “Oregon Conservation Projects Receive $3.3 Million From RMEF”

Washington Receives $1.9 Million For Conservation From RMEF

I have written more articles for AllOutdoor about the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation than anything else. The organization seems to constantly push toward its conservation goals. Well, yet again, they’ve raised a large amount of money to protect our natural resources, this time in the Evergreen State. Making sure Washington receives its fair share, the RMEF and itsContinue reading “Washington Receives $1.9 Million For Conservation From RMEF”

Wyoming To Petition For Delisting of Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are currently protected at a federal level – noting its 46-year, $52 million effort to protect grizzly numbers – Wyoming now wishes to take over. In the next couple of weeks, Governor Mark Gordon will petition the federal government for the delisting of grizzlies. Click the link to read the details on AllOutdoor.Continue reading “Wyoming To Petition For Delisting of Grizzly Bears”