From The Rental Wall: The CZ Tactical Sport 2

Today on From the Rental Wall, Nic Lenze takes you to The Shootist in Denver, Colorado. While there, he samples the CZ TS2, a competition-ready 9mm with a trigger from heaven. For more information: To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine, visit Gear:Continue reading “From The Rental Wall: The CZ Tactical Sport 2”

Precision Rimfire Competition Ready: The NEW CZ 457 LRP

As ammo becomes more available, the idea of getting back into competition is becoming a reality. Unfortunately, most shops are still trying to charge the same ridiculous prices as when there wasn’t any ammunition available. This makes competing with a precision rifle chambered in .22LR your most affordable means to get back out there. The CZContinue reading “Precision Rimfire Competition Ready: The NEW CZ 457 LRP”

CZ-USA’s Stunning NEW Series of All-Terrain Shotguns

Most of my experience with CZ has been watching other people shoot their pistols in competition. What some don’t realize is that CZ USA offers handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns, and even suppressors. CZ USA offers a fairly broad selection of shotguns ranging from semi-auto models to classic over/under shotguns. These guns, meant to be usedContinue reading “CZ-USA’s Stunning NEW Series of All-Terrain Shotguns”

CZ Reaper Magnum: A Modern Turkey Hunting Shotgun

Those turkeys aren’t going to eat themselves. I know you also hear them gobbling your name. Well, you’re gonna need something to take them with! CZ-USA has a shotgun meant specifically for you turkey hunters. The CZ Reaper Magnum combines the old school class of over/under shotguns and the modern upgrades shooters have come toContinue reading “CZ Reaper Magnum: A Modern Turkey Hunting Shotgun”