How To Install The Desert Tech Trek-22

In this week’s First Look, Nic Lenze does his best to show you how to install the Desert Tech Trek-22, a bullpup chassis for the Ruger 10/22. His technical skills are…passable. For more information: To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine, visit Gear:Continue reading “How To Install The Desert Tech Trek-22”

Trasol: A Ballistic Calculator Introduction

It’s a shame teachers aren’t paid more. Sure, as a kid in school, you swore that you’d never use math in real life. Looking back, boy were you wrong. Those math teachers gave you the foundation you need for long range shooting. Thanks, Mr. Werner! Shooting at distance involves a lot of math and calculations.Continue reading “Trasol: A Ballistic Calculator Introduction”

Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert: First Impressions

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first saw the Desert Tech SRS. It was long enough ago that History Channel still played shows about history. I remember seeing the SRS on a show about the evolution of weapons. At the time, I was just starting to understand firearms; a passion ignitedContinue reading “Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert: First Impressions”

Zeroing your Scope

Today is the day. After months or even years of research, you finally did it. You just bought the precision rifle of your dreams with the glass to match. Now what? Before you can start putting rounds through the same hole you need to zero your optic to your rifle. The process is simple, butContinue reading “Zeroing your Scope”