Blog # 238 – Why Adding Capacity to Your Conceal Carry Pistol is a Good Idea

Increasing your capacity when on the range or shooting competition offers a huge advantage, but what about adding rounds to your carry gun? Upping the number of rounds in your carry system has a number of benefits and could even increase your chances of surviving a deadly encounter. Click the link to read the fullContinue reading “Blog # 238 – Why Adding Capacity to Your Conceal Carry Pistol is a Good Idea”

AllOutdoor Review: Chop It Up With The Gerber Bushcraft Axe

It never fails. Every time I go camping, I bring firewood, but it’s never enough. I don’t think there has been a single trip where I haven’t had to forage for wood. I learned the hard way that your choices are extremely limited if you don’t have a way to chop up larger pieces orContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: Chop It Up With The Gerber Bushcraft Axe”

OutdoorHub Profile: Keeping it Old-School With Pendleton Original

I don’t think my transition into adulthood was unique. To prove it, anyone reading this who lived their early twenties in a haze of cheap booze and hangovers, raise your hand. While the details of my youth make me worry for my son, they also led me to something that not many others my ageContinue reading “OutdoorHub Profile: Keeping it Old-School With Pendleton Original”

Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field

I come from a generation where nobody calls each other. Texts are the preferred way to communicate which makes it especially odd (or suspicious) to receive a phone call. Recently, I found myself getting a call from my Aunt Judi. The instant dread of ‘Who died?” set in and I picked up. I instantly recognizedContinue reading “Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field”

Caliber 5.56 NATO vs. 7.62×39

I consider the subject of this article to be one of the three major arguments in the gun community. There’s Glock vs. 1911, 9×19 vs. .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO vs. 7.62×39. Caliber wars can be exhausting, and the answer is so subjective, I don’t think there will ever be one that’s definitive. However, unlikeContinue reading “Caliber 5.56 NATO vs. 7.62×39”

History of the Colt 1911

“Two world wars!” This is a statement you’ll often hear from 1911 fans who think the platform is still the best. This is in reference to the service that the 1911 saw in both the first and second world wars. The statement has become somewhat of a joke, as we all know the pistol didn’tContinue reading “History of the Colt 1911”

Escape From Bondage: Un-Californiaizing My AR-15 Part 1

Recently, due to the reaction of the U.S. government to Coronavirus, my day job has become 100% remote work. I work in the television industry, which has always meant one horrific thing. I was stuck living in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in LA, but as I got older and my priorities changed,Continue reading “Escape From Bondage: Un-Californiaizing My AR-15 Part 1”