Ohub Review: Gatorz Marauders With Photochromic Ballistic Lenses

If you’re a product of the 90s, or raised your children in the 90s, you probably remember Simba looking out over the elephant graveyard in The Lion King. That graveyard is exactly what I’ve created by discarding all of the low-quality eye protection that I’ve used through the years. Whether they’re the $1.83 Grainger specialContinue reading “Ohub Review: Gatorz Marauders With Photochromic Ballistic Lenses”

EDC Explained: Stylish Sunglasses

This week on EDC Explained, Nic Lenze gives you his top three favorite sunglasses so you can protect your eyes. To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit https://gunsmagazine.com/newsletters/. To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine, visit https://fmgpubs.com/checkout/subscribe/. Gear: Gatorz Eyewear Delta: gatorz.com/thebrutalrooster ESS Crossblade: https://esseyepro.com/en_us/ballistic… Magpul Explorer XL: https://magpul.com/apparel-gear/acces… FMG’s product selections areContinue reading “EDC Explained: Stylish Sunglasses”

The NEW American Heritage Collection From Oakley SI

I remember a time when video games based on World War Two were being released every week. Band of Brothers was a landmark series, detailing events of the war 60 years after it began for the United States. The second world war has left its impact on our world economics, alliances, and our imaginations. It’sContinue reading “The NEW American Heritage Collection From Oakley SI”

Pit Viper Donates 1,200 Pairs of Ballistic Sunglasses to Military

When shooting, we all understand the need to protect our eyes, and the want to look good doing it. Pit Viper is known for its eyewear that boasts bold designs. From gamers to shooters, Pit Viper’s glasses are making their rounds. Now, thanks to Pit Viper, up to 1,200 service members will be able toContinue reading “Pit Viper Donates 1,200 Pairs of Ballistic Sunglasses to Military”

OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses

Eyewear can serve so many different purposes in our lives. From helping us see street signs while driving to looking like Tom Cruise, glasses can make it easier to navigate life (and sometimes dating). Sunglasses can be especially helpful. I live in Colorado and we have more sunny days than not. On many of thoseContinue reading “OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses”