Take Me Fishing Highlights Benefits of Fishing for Women

I love fishing. In fact, when I was getting my whole arm tattooed, my artist told me to imagine myself in a peaceful environment. That place was standing in the stream in June Lake, catching rainbows. Fishing is full of lessons. It helped me learn to stay calm, be patient, and value the life ofContinue reading “Take Me Fishing Highlights Benefits of Fishing for Women”

NEW SPRO Carbon Blade Baits For Your Cold Water Adventures

I have a love/hate relationship with the seasons. Seeing the weather and the environment change is always a nice change of pace. However, certain seasonal conditions make life harder when it comes to doing the things I love. When the weather turns cold, so does the water. This makes it far more difficult to trickContinue reading “NEW SPRO Carbon Blade Baits For Your Cold Water Adventures”

Gamakatsu Unleashes the NEW Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks

Ask any angler where the big fish are and they’ll probably point to a heavily weeded area. Big fish get that way by surviving, which means taking cover from you and me. Getting into these areas can be tough, but Gamakatsu has a solution. Springing from their original Round 26, the company has just releasedContinue reading “Gamakatsu Unleashes the NEW Round 26 Weedless Jig Hooks”

Expanding Opportunities for America’s Hunters and Anglers

With the way the past year has gone, the U.S. has seen a large increase in outdoor activities. With jobs being lost due to lockdowns, people have been turning to nature for her plentiful resources. A new proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeks to continue this growth, expanding opportunities for Americans to huntContinue reading “Expanding Opportunities for America’s Hunters and Anglers”