SureFire Launches XSC-B Subcompact Handgun WeaponLight

When talking about firearm safety, most people focus on preventing negligent discharges. When I ask for a safety rule, I usually hear “Treat every gun as if it’s loaded.” This is a great rule, but what if you do want to send a round? Then knowing your target becomes the most important rule. Positive identificationContinue reading “SureFire Launches XSC-B Subcompact Handgun WeaponLight”

EDC Explained: Fantastic Flashlights

This week on EDC Explained, Nic Lenze discusses finding toys, being bad at keeping his phone charged, and why you should carry a flashlight. To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine, visit Gear: Surefire Stiletto Pro:… Fenix LD22 V2.0:… Streamlight Scorpion:…Continue reading “EDC Explained: Fantastic Flashlights”

Brighten Your Day With the NEW Arisaka 18650 Series Weaponlight

A good weapon-mounted light for your defensive rifle is one of the first accessories you should buy. Identifying your target before perforating it is incredibly important. There are many types and brands available for different needs. Arisaka Defense makes several light options, as well as mounts and tail caps to match. The newest to hitContinue reading “Brighten Your Day With the NEW Arisaka 18650 Series Weaponlight”