Galco Releases NEW Paragon 2.0 Inside-The-Waistband Holster

Contrary to the belief of certain shooting competition organizations, appendix carry is a viable and very popular option for those who carry concealed. The position allows me to maintain constant control of my firearm and provides a very quick draw. Galco understands, however, and has just released their Paragon 2.0 holster, designed specifically for AIWBContinue reading “Galco Releases NEW Paragon 2.0 Inside-The-Waistband Holster”

Galco Holsters Introduces The MyCloud For IWB Holsters

I don’t know about you, but carrying a rigid, metal gun in a rigid, plastic holster can sometimes be uncomfortable. Depending on the position in which you carry your firearm, your setup can rub against your bones or skin. To help alleviate some of the discomforts of everyday carry, Galco Holsters has entered a newContinue reading “Galco Holsters Introduces The MyCloud For IWB Holsters”

Galco’s NEW Field Grade Zippered Rifle/Shotgun Cases

We use our firearms for a few different reasons. One reason is to protect, but what’s protecting our firearms? When transporting a gun, a quality case can ensure that your gun won’t be dinged or damaged. They also make it much easier to carry a rifle or shotgun into the field. Galco Holsters, who makes muchContinue reading “Galco’s NEW Field Grade Zippered Rifle/Shotgun Cases”

Galco’s NEW Leather Holster Care Kit for All Leather

Kydex holsters are dominating the market, and have been for years. However, some people still prefer the classics. Leather holsters are still around and are still a viable option. Leather holsters can have some downsides, but the majority of these come from a lack of proper maintenance. Galco, one of the most recognizable names inContinue reading “Galco’s NEW Leather Holster Care Kit for All Leather”

Style for Man’s Best Friend: Introducing Galco’s Dog Collar

As cold days fade into memory and are replaced by Spring, outdoor activities are beginning to fill our schedules. For those with four-legged friends, that means training, hunting, hiking, and walks around the park. There’s no better time to upgrade your doggo’s collar. Galco Holsters, known for their quality leather holsters, has you covered. FreshContinue reading “Style for Man’s Best Friend: Introducing Galco’s Dog Collar”