Henry Repeating Arms Raises Over $40,000 for Milah’s Treatment

On the last day of February, AllOutdoor posted an article about Henry Repeating Arms making a large donation. To help pay for cancer treatment for a four-year-old girl from Indiana, Henry donated 55 special edition rifles. Since that article, the rifles went up for auction, raising over $40,000 in medical bill assistance for the Schevenius family. To read the wholeContinue reading “Henry Repeating Arms Raises Over $40,000 for Milah’s Treatment”

UPDATE: Henry Raises Over $46,000 For 6th Grade Maryland Girl

Last month, I wrote an article about an 11-year-old girl who was receiving help from Henry Repeating Arms. Battling through multiple congenital heart defects, leading to five open-heart surgeries, Sami Bernadzikowski and her family were facing some daunting medical expenses. To help them out, Henry Repeating Arms donated 65 special edition “Support 4 Sami” rifles. With generosityContinue reading “UPDATE: Henry Raises Over $46,000 For 6th Grade Maryland Girl”

Guns For Great Causes: Henry Donates 65 Rifles For Charity

As a father, I hope that others in my community would come to the aid of my son if he ever fell ill. Helping within your community, especially when we belong to one that is so often shunned, is essential. For one little girl, that help comes in the form of 65 rifles. Henry RepeatingContinue reading “Guns For Great Causes: Henry Donates 65 Rifles For Charity”