Henry Donates 55 Rifles for 4-Year-Old’s Cancer Treatments

Milah Schevenius is a four-year-old Indiana girl. She has a mother, father, two sisters, and unfortunately, kidney cancer. This bright-smiled little lady has been battling a bilateral Wilms’ tumor since she was three years old. Henry Repeating Arms, known for making generous donations to good causes, decided to help Milah and her family. To help payContinue reading “Henry Donates 55 Rifles for 4-Year-Old’s Cancer Treatments”

Pelican Partners With National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Growing up in California, firefighters were especially important. Every summer, it seemed the entire state would catch fire. Tragically, every summer also brought news of firefighters who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is a non-profit started in 1992 by the United States Congress. Donations to the foundation are usedContinue reading “Pelican Partners With National Fallen Firefighters Foundation”

Hunters’ Leadership Forum Helps Hunters for the Hungry

Hunters for the Hungry is a great organization that allows hunters to donate their taken game to those who are less fortunate. They operate all over America and provide millions of meals a year to families in need. The organization has support from local hunters as well as from big names. The NRA’s Hunters’ Leadership Forum has justContinue reading “Hunters’ Leadership Forum Helps Hunters for the Hungry”

Hunters for the Hungry Gives 569,000 Servings of Meat

This past year has been tough for a lot of people. Due to government-mandated shutdowns, countless people have lost their jobs. The already horrible epidemic of worldwide hunger has greatly increased; however, you should never discount the willingness of people to sacrifice for their communities. In Tennessee, that sacrifice came by the way of HuntersContinue reading “Hunters for the Hungry Gives 569,000 Servings of Meat”