Two NEW Blinds For 2023 From Millennium Treestands

It’s never too early to start planning your next hunting excursion, especially if you’re using more than just your legs and a weapon. Many hunters use blinds in their pursuits, and new for 2023 are two new options from Millennium Treestands. These are the Antler Shak 7 MAG Hub Blind and the Antler Shak 30-06.Continue reading “Two NEW Blinds For 2023 From Millennium Treestands”

The NEW Grab and Go Hunting Blind From Nukem Hunting

There are so many ways to hunt. Some hunters sit in trees, some walk around, and some even pop up out of the ground. What all of these methods have in common is the need to act quickly. If you’ve ever hunted from a blind, you know that setup isn’t always quick (I’m getting flashbacksContinue reading “The NEW Grab and Go Hunting Blind From Nukem Hunting”