The NEW Limited-Edition Flyway Series From GUNNER: Los Banos

A lot of people that I meet during the course of my day job are angered by the fact that Colorado counts dogs as property. People love their dogs and consider them members of the family. Taking safety precautions is one of the things we do for our family members: car seats, seatbelts, airbags. Man’sContinue reading “The NEW Limited-Edition Flyway Series From GUNNER: Los Banos”

Sitka Aerolite: The NEW Sitka Blizzard Aerolite System

Imagine yourself at high altitude. Sitting in the open, you glass the terrain, looking for your prey. Now imagine that same scenario, but with ice-laced winds stinging your face and snow reaching further into the distance than you can fathom. Warm clothing is paramount in surviving conditions like these. This is why Sitka has introducedContinue reading “Sitka Aerolite: The NEW Sitka Blizzard Aerolite System”

Sitka Aerolite: The NEW Sitka Boreal Aerolite System

Waterfowl hunters have some important considerations. Setting up decoys, quickly and correctly shouldering a shotgun, and water are a few. Late season waterfowl hunts can bring harsh winds, bitter cold, and endless rain. Hunters facing these conditions need nothing short of the highest performing gear. The second of three new options from Sitka’s Aerolite line isContinue reading “Sitka Aerolite: The NEW Sitka Boreal Aerolite System”

Sitka Aerolite: The NEW Sitka Incinerator Aerolite System

When hunting, the gear you choose can make or break the experience. This is especially true in cold, snowy environments. We don’t often think of clothing when we hear the word “technology,” but technology is exactly what has brought hunting attire to this point. Sitka’s Aerolite line brings us three new options when it comes to keepingContinue reading “Sitka Aerolite: The NEW Sitka Incinerator Aerolite System”

NEW From Vortex: The Crossfire II 3-9×50 Straight-Wall BDC Riflescope

Straight-wall cartridges are very popular for a few reasons. Some hunters use them purely because they like the performance of a specific caliber. Many jurisdictions also ban the use of necked cartridges for hunting, leaving straight-wall calibers as the only option. The reasons for using these cartridges don’t matter. What matters is that you haveContinue reading “NEW From Vortex: The Crossfire II 3-9×50 Straight-Wall BDC Riflescope”

The All NEW Vortex Razor HD LHT 4.5-22×50 FFP

A hunter’s riflescope is one of their most important pieces of equipment. With the unpredictable nature of working in the field, we need our scopes to be rugged, as well as high-quality. Fortunately, we have Vortex Optics to continuously release new riflescope options that meet these criteria. The newest from Vortex is the Vortex Razor HD LHTContinue reading “The All NEW Vortex Razor HD LHT 4.5-22×50 FFP”

Primal Treestands NEW Standz Up Ladder Aid System

When it comes to treestands, setting up and tearing down a ladder can be a big pain. Fortunately, innovation never stops in this industry. Primal Treestands, based right near me in Littleton, Colorado continues the tradition of looking for ways to make hunting simpler. New from Primal Treestands is the Standz Up Ladder Aid System!Continue reading “Primal Treestands NEW Standz Up Ladder Aid System”

NEW From Bushnell: Core S-4K No-Glow Trail Camera

More information is always better. Trail cameras supply hunters with a sharp advantage through the information they gain. Higher-resolution footage is literally the camera capturing more information and detail. Most reality TV shows these days are shooting in 4K. This means with a 4K trail camera, you could make a reality show about the datingContinue reading “NEW From Bushnell: Core S-4K No-Glow Trail Camera”

Primos Expands Popular Photoform Turkey Decoy Line

There is no limit to the advantages a hunter can use to be successful. One popular advantage is the use of decoys when hunting turkeys and other game animals. Primos Hunting makes quite a few products to ensure your success including many decoys. Primos has two new models coming soon. Expanding their Photoform Turkey Decoy line,Continue reading “Primos Expands Popular Photoform Turkey Decoy Line”

Wildgame Innovations NEW Evolution Series Feeders

Feeders are a very valuable tool for hunters. They can attract and nourish wildlife; however, they have often been targets for undesired wildlife like rats and raccoons. Well, Wildgame Innovations, a Louisiana-based company, has two new models of feeders designed to prevent exactly that. Introducing the Wildgame Innovations Evolution Series Feeders. “A dependable hunting feederContinue reading “Wildgame Innovations NEW Evolution Series Feeders”