NEW from Avian-X – Introducing the PowerFlight Dove Decoy

Hunters taking various birds often rely on decoys, and in turn, they rely on Avian-X. The Louisiana-based company produces some of the most widely used decoys in the bird hunting realm. Now, available June 2021, Avian-X has introduced their newest hunting aid: introducing the PowerFlight Dove decoy. “For dove hunters looking for the ultimate, spinning-wingContinue reading “NEW from Avian-X – Introducing the PowerFlight Dove Decoy”

Turkey Deception: The HDR Feeder Decoy from Avian-X

People and animals alike tend to feel more comfortable in a group of their own kind. Decoys are used in the hunting of many animals including deer and duck. This form of hunting is Avian-X’s bread and butter. Adding to their line of decoys meant for turkey hunting, Avian-X has released the HDR Feeder Decoy.Continue reading “Turkey Deception: The HDR Feeder Decoy from Avian-X”

The NEW Silent Swivel Blind Chair from Ameristep

“Ow! My tail bone!” If you find yourself saying those words frequently, you might need a more comfortable place to sit. This is especially true while sitting in a cold hunting blind for hours. Coming soon this May, a new option comes to market from Ameristep. This is the Silent Swivel Blind Chair. “Long sitsContinue reading “The NEW Silent Swivel Blind Chair from Ameristep”

Take Home A Turkey With the Swagger QD42 Bipod

Regardless of the kind of game you’re hunting, stability and a good, clean shot will make or break you. Many hunters rely on shooting sticks, while others use bipods. Finding its way somewhere in the middle is the Swagger QD42 bipod. It combines the benefits of using a bipod with the freedom and flexibility ofContinue reading “Take Home A Turkey With the Swagger QD42 Bipod”

NEW for 2021 – Flextone Thunder Chick Breeder Decoy

Now that Spring is among us, it’s time to give those turkeys everything you’ve got. Butterball makes a fairly juicy bird, but nothing matches the freshness and deservedness of a fresh, wild turkey. One of the techniques employed by turkey hunters is the use of decoys to attract the large birds. Meant to be usedContinue reading “NEW for 2021 – Flextone Thunder Chick Breeder Decoy”

Plano Adds Three Options to Their Line of Bow Cases

I’ve been on a journey recently to understand who I really am inside. What I’ve discovered is that I’m not a gentle person, especially when it comes to my gear. If you’re like me, you already understand how your rough handling can affect your equipment. A rugged, lightweight case can protect your bow from yourContinue reading “Plano Adds Three Options to Their Line of Bow Cases”

Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Laser Rangefinding Binocular

New to the binocular lineup from Vortex Optics is the Fury HD 5000 AB. These binoculars come equipped with a laser rangefinder, incorporating two very important features in the long-range shooting and hunting worlds: magnification and the ability to quickly determine your distance from the target. It’s smart combining your binocular with your rangefinder, letting youContinue reading “Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Laser Rangefinding Binocular”