The High Ready Chest Holster: NEW From Galco Holsters

The wilderness is…well, wild! Forests, wetlands, and deserts have different dangers, but each is just as dangerous. Running into a two- or four-legged predator while trekking through nature can quickly turn deadly. This is why many of us choose to carry a sidearm. There’s nothing quicker and more comfortable than carrying on your hip, butContinue reading “The High Ready Chest Holster: NEW From Galco Holsters”

Bianchi Releases NEW Shenandoah Convertible Hybrid Holster

Buying several holsters for the same gun, multiplied by multiple firearms, means a lot of dough spent. While there’s no such thing as one holster to fit every need, Bianchi Leather has just released a new holster aimed at cutting down wasted money and space in the holster drawer. Convertible from inside-the-waistband to outside-the-waistband, thisContinue reading “Bianchi Releases NEW Shenandoah Convertible Hybrid Holster”

Galco’s NEW Holster Options for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

With the introduction of any new pistol meant for concealment, the availability of holsters is a top concern. A very recent example of this is the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol. Well, fortunately for those looking to purchase one as their everyday carry many of Galco’s legacy holsters now fit the MAX-9. “With holsters in every price rangeContinue reading “Galco’s NEW Holster Options for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol”