Conquer Ranges With The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

Not all bolt-action rifles are the same. In fact, straight pull rifles have been around since the late 1800s. Looking to the past often solves the problems of our present. One such problem is the balance of speed and accuracy. Bolt-actions aren’t known for being speedy, but Savage has their answer to that. The ImpulseContinue reading “Conquer Ranges With The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter”

Guns & Ammo Rifle of the Year: The Savage Arms IMPULSE

Guns & Ammo recently awarded their yearly accolades to the new guns and gear of 2021. With some excellent products having been released, the competition was stiff. Coming out on top to land the Rifle of the Year award was Savage Arms with their straight-pull IMPULSE bolt-action rifle. Click the link below to read moreContinue reading “Guns & Ammo Rifle of the Year: The Savage Arms IMPULSE”