NEW KILO10K & KILO8K Binocular and Monocular From Sig Sauer

If you like to see far, get some binoculars. If you like to know how far something is, get a rangefinder. If you like to do both at the same time, plus get ballistic data and the ability to drop remote waypoints, keep reading. Sig Sauer’s newest additions to the KILO K series can accomplish these tasks.Continue reading “NEW KILO10K & KILO8K Binocular and Monocular From Sig Sauer”

Revic by Gunwerks Releases NEW BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder

Knowing the range of your target is very important. When you’re shooting steel, a first-round impact buys you some bragging rights. When you’re shooting at something living, an effective first-round impact is necessary. There are quite a few methods for estimating or calculating range. Distance can be calculated in your reticle, for example. These calculationsContinue reading “Revic by Gunwerks Releases NEW BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder”

Range Out: The NEW Bushnell 1800 6×24 Laser Rangefinder

Whether you’re a hunter or precision rifle competitor, knowing your range can make or break your performance. Laser rangefinders can be incredibly valuable for anyone taking shots at a distance. Bushnell has been in the game since the beginning and continues to put out new rangefinders to help you find your range. Their newest is the Bushnell 1800 6×24Continue reading “Range Out: The NEW Bushnell 1800 6×24 Laser Rangefinder”

NEW Halo Hyper X Laser-Rangefinding Crossbow Scope

Hunting with a crossbow can yield some tasty results. The accuracy of a crossbow complemented by the right optic can help secure those results. Halo Optics, known for its handheld laser rangefinders, is introducing the new Halo Hyper X Crossbow Scope. “One of the most common reasons for missed shots while hunting happens right beforeContinue reading “NEW Halo Hyper X Laser-Rangefinding Crossbow Scope”

2021 Marks 25th Anniversary of the Laser Rangefinder

There are some pieces of equipment that seem to have been around so long, that many of us don’t remember a time without them. One of the most used gadgets in hunting and long-range shooting is the laser rangefinder. Technology and convenience converge to give shooters a quick and accurate read on their distance fromContinue reading “2021 Marks 25th Anniversary of the Laser Rangefinder”