Midwest Industries Releases NEW Marlin Extended Sight System

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t think lever-action firearms are cool. There has been a recent trend of lever-action guns receiving the modern treatment. Midwest Industries has put to market several products meant to modernize your lever gun. The most recent, intended for Marlin 1895 rifles, is the Marlin Extended Sight System. GetContinue reading “Midwest Industries Releases NEW Marlin Extended Sight System”

Cimarron’s Mike Harvey Unveils 1887 Lever-Action Shotgun

Cimarron Firearms is well known in the gun world as one of the highest quality replica firearm producers around. Mike Harvey, the CEO and founder of the company, runs a YouTube show he calls Cimarron Originals with Mike Harvey. On the latest episode, Mike unveiled a “new” shotgun that made the ears of history nerds around theContinue reading “Cimarron’s Mike Harvey Unveils 1887 Lever-Action Shotgun”