Added Capacity: 15-Round Magazines for the Springfield Armory Hellcat

There’s a race to fit the most rounds into the smallest gun. It seems that every month, someone is releasing a new micro compact 9mm pistol. Springfield Armory released the Hellcat in 2019 and has had great success. The flush-fit 11-round magazines were a big selling point. Now, bringing the Hellcat’s capacity to a pointContinue reading “Added Capacity: 15-Round Magazines for the Springfield Armory Hellcat”

NEW From Strike Industries: The Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

Once again, Strike Industries has entered a new product into the Glock aftermarket. If you get excited about feature-packed magazines with low price tags, you’re going to love this. This is the Strike Industries Strike Magazine for Glock G17. The Strike Magazine for GLOCK™ G17 (9mm) is a high-strength impact resistant custom blended SI Polymer ExtremeContinue reading “NEW From Strike Industries: The Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17”

NEW from Strike Industries – 10 Round Strike AR-15 Magazine

From fixed stocks to the Megafin Featureless AR Grip, Strike Industries has been a friend to those trapped beyond rights-infringing borders. If you’re in a state that only allows 10 rounds in a magazine, quick reloads with short magazines can get frustrating. Introducing their own version of a 10/30, Strike is now shipping the 10Continue reading “NEW from Strike Industries – 10 Round Strike AR-15 Magazine”

Strike AR-15 Magazine – 10% More Fun

Have you ever been mag dumping and thought, “That 30 rounds went by too fast. I wish I had three more!”? Well, fortunately for you, the folks at Strike Industries have been in that exact situation. To remedy this issue, Strike has introduced their Strike AR-15 Magazine or Strike Mag, if you believe the packaging.Continue reading “Strike AR-15 Magazine – 10% More Fun”

Sound the Drums – Magpul D-50 EV9 Now Shipping

Drums have been carried into battle since ancient times. The bone-quaking booms of massive drums let the enemy know that fury was about to be unleashed. The fury has remained the same, but Magpul has replaced the thundering vibrations with the sharp cracks of 9mm bullets. The Magpul D-50 EV9 drum magazine stuffs 50 roundsContinue reading “Sound the Drums – Magpul D-50 EV9 Now Shipping”