Magpul Releases Three NEW Glove Models For 2022

Our hands are some of the hardest-working parts of our bodies. We use them to cook, play, groom, and introduce ourselves. Most importantly, they allow us to work at our jobs and on the things we love. I think it’s only fair that we take care of them. The simplest way to do this isContinue reading “Magpul Releases Three NEW Glove Models For 2022”

Introducing Magpul’s NEW Everyday Carry Tejas Belts

Belts are sometimes thought of as either decorative or practical, but why not both? Magpul had the same question when they released the original Tejas belts. Now, new for 2022, Magpul is extending the line with three new styles: the El Delgado, El Pistolero, and El Cibolo. Get the details from AllOutdoor by clicking theContinue reading “Introducing Magpul’s NEW Everyday Carry Tejas Belts”

Introducing the NEW 110 Magpul Hunter From Savage Arms

As people use their rifles and carry them long distances over mountainous terrain, stocks continue to get lighter and more feature-rich. Magpul’s Hunter stocks give shooters a lightweight stock with sling attachment points, M-LOK slots, and more. These features are now being offered from the factory by Savage Arms. A collaboration between Savage Arms andContinue reading “Introducing the NEW 110 Magpul Hunter From Savage Arms”

OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses

Eyewear can serve so many different purposes in our lives. From helping us see street signs while driving to looking like Tom Cruise, glasses can make it easier to navigate life (and sometimes dating). Sunglasses can be especially helpful. I live in Colorado and we have more sunny days than not. On many of thoseContinue reading “OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses”

SAINT Victor Pistol Now Available With Magpul BTR Brace

Due to the still-growing popularity of AR pistols, some manufacturers are putting out new variations of their existing pistols. Changes between versions can range from caliber to furniture and sights. Now two of the industry’s most prolific companies, Springfield Armory and Magpul, have teamed up. Springfield Armory’s already successful SAINT Victor pistol is now availableContinue reading “SAINT Victor Pistol Now Available With Magpul BTR Brace”

Sound the Drums – Magpul D-50 EV9 Now Shipping

Drums have been carried into battle since ancient times. The bone-quaking booms of massive drums let the enemy know that fury was about to be unleashed. The fury has remained the same, but Magpul has replaced the thundering vibrations with the sharp cracks of 9mm bullets. The Magpul D-50 EV9 drum magazine stuffs 50 roundsContinue reading “Sound the Drums – Magpul D-50 EV9 Now Shipping”

The Last of Its Kind – Magpul Stonewashed Green Micarta Rigger Knife

If you love both Magpul and limited edition knives, chances are you’ve been lusting after each iteration of their Rigger knife. Well, that story is coming to a close. Magpul is releasing the last of their Rigger series; the Stonewashed Green Micarta Rigger. The Limited Edition Stonewashed Green Micarta® version of the Rigger is theContinue reading “The Last of Its Kind – Magpul Stonewashed Green Micarta Rigger Knife”