OutdoorHub Review: Maven Compact 8x B.3 Binoculars

The desire to see farther than the human eye allows is an old one. I can almost hear the original thought. “Oooga mooga! Oo ah!” Right around the beginning of the 17th century, the understanding of light and lenses changed from theory to reality. Humans began building the first devices that allowed them to observeContinue reading “OutdoorHub Review: Maven Compact 8x B.3 Binoculars”

AllOutdoor Review: The Maven CRS.1 3-12×40 SFP

Last winter, I engaged in my first rabbit hunt. I was using a Ruger American Rimfire with a non-magnified optic. While I was able to get the job done, the experience highlighted some good and bad things about my gear selection (and general fitness). I’ve decided to try a different setup. While exploring my scopeContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: The Maven CRS.1 3-12×40 SFP”

The All NEW 56mm Binocular From Maven: The C.4

Scouting ahead can prove valuable, especially when pursuing game. For this, binoculars are almost unmatched. Maven has been known to produce quality optics for those looking to observe at a distance. To this end, the optics company has just released another in its C series. This is the C.4 56mm binocular, available in 15x orContinue reading “The All NEW 56mm Binocular From Maven: The C.4”