Massachusetts State Police Move to Smith & Wesson M&P45 M2.0

Don’t even get me started on the firearms that police are issued. Some officers in the Los Angeles Police Department are still training with Vietnam War-era M16 rifles. Fortunately, some departments have the funds to upgrade their duty guns. The Massachusetts State Police is one of those departments. They have now adopted the wicked coolContinue reading “Massachusetts State Police Move to Smith & Wesson M&P45 M2.0”

Smith & Wesson Launches the NEW M&P15T II Rifle

There is a vast market for those looking to pick up an AR-15. Budget plays a big part in a shooter’s decision. There are plenty of budget options out there, but the owner will eventually find that they want to upgrade. Parts add up. Next thing you know, that budget rifle can end up costing moreContinue reading “Smith & Wesson Launches the NEW M&P15T II Rifle”