Dead Air Silencers Introduces NEW Xeno Xero Threaded Taper Mount

There are several ways to mount a suppressor, and who better to offer a new one than experts in the silencer game. Dead Air Silencers has grown in popularity alongside the growing popularity of suppressed shooting. Offering a multitude of cans, they now offer a new lightweight mounting option. This is the new Xeno XeroContinue reading “Dead Air Silencers Introduces NEW Xeno Xero Threaded Taper Mount”

NEW Expo Arms KeyMo Muzzle Brake At Primary Arms

Mounting options for silencers have grown in number over the past few years. With an endless number of thread pitches and directions, some have sought to improve upon the current system. One such company is Dead Air Silencers, who brought the KeyMo mounting system to market. Primary Arms and Expo Arms came together to provideContinue reading “NEW Expo Arms KeyMo Muzzle Brake At Primary Arms”

The Brand NEW Strike Industries OPPRESSOR Universal

I recently took my 11.5″ AR pistol, which is equipped only with an A2 birdcage, to an indoor range. Needless to say, I wasn’t well-received. If you’ve ever shot in close proximity to someone with an aggressive muzzle brake, you’re aware that another person’s blast is pretty irritating. Gasses meant to keep the muzzle stableContinue reading “The Brand NEW Strike Industries OPPRESSOR Universal”

Lite and Refreshing: The Strike Industries OPPRESSOR LITE

Firearms have been getting lighter and lighter throughout the last few years. New materials and manufacturing techniques have shaved pounds from rifles. With our fresh, new lightweight rifles, the next step is to hang a bunch of heavy crap off of them, right? Adding accessories to your rifle can quickly bring the weight right backContinue reading “Lite and Refreshing: The Strike Industries OPPRESSOR LITE”

Dead Air Silencers Loves Fire: Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake

Reducing your signature can be very important in a gunfight. Concealing your position can keep you alive. However, depending on your circumstances, the signature reduction could be less important than reducing recoil. Muzzle brakes excel in recoil reduction (with the tradeoff of increased sound, typically). Dead Air Silencers produces some very high-quality muzzle devices. TheContinue reading “Dead Air Silencers Loves Fire: Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake”