NEW From the Nighthawk Ambassador Series: The Delegate

Nighthawk Custom is no stranger to high-end 1911s. Recently, Nighthawk released the first in what they’re calling the Ambassador Series. This is the second installation in the series. Introducing the Delegate. Read the full product release on The Firearm Blog by clicking below. NEW From the Nighthawk Ambassador Series: The Delegate

The NEW Sig Sauer P320 AXG PRO

The plastic fantastic pistol has dominated the market for most of my life. They’re lighter and easier to carry, which can be a big deal for people who carry them for a long period of time. This might have seemed like the death of all metal guns, but that’s not the case. Metal guns giveContinue reading “The NEW Sig Sauer P320 AXG PRO”

The Latest in the SIG P365 Lineup: The P365X

The Sig Sauer P365 line of pistols continues to grow. It seems there’s a version out there for just about everyone. The SAS has some innovative sights and has all of its edges smoothed out. The XL is for those who’d prefer a longer barrel. Now, for those who want their slide ready to acceptContinue reading “The Latest in the SIG P365 Lineup: The P365X”

Nighthawk Custom and Korth Offer Left and Right Handed Revolver Sets

Nighthawk Custom has partnered with Korth to create a limited run of 30 left and right handed revolver sets. If you ever wanted to dual wield, this is probably the most stylish way to do it. These revolvers are a limited edition of 30 pieces with the numbers C01 to C030 and were manufactured inContinue reading “Nighthawk Custom and Korth Offer Left and Right Handed Revolver Sets”

Introducing the Christensen Arms Modern Precision Pistol

When it comes to hiking and hunting gear, lighter is almost always better. In recent years, the push for lightweight hunting rifles has given us lightweight aftermarket stocks and parts. Christensen Arms asked a different question. Why not just carry a pistol? An offshoot of their popular Modern Precision Rifle, the Christensen Arms Modern PrecisionContinue reading “Introducing the Christensen Arms Modern Precision Pistol”

Light and Dark Collide – The SIG Custom Works 1911 Equinox

Equinox is a time of the year in which day and night are about equal in duration. Just as the equinox is in nature, the SIG Custom Works 1911 Equinox is about 50% light, 50% dark, and 100% striking. This custom, full-size 1911 is available now and deserves a look. The classic 1911, with itsContinue reading “Light and Dark Collide – The SIG Custom Works 1911 Equinox”

Sleep Paralysis – The SIG Custom Works Nightmare Series

SIG Sauer has been releasing a lot of new stuff. If you saw James Reeves’s recent visit to SIG, Sauer New Hampshire, you’re probably as excited about the new SIG Custom Works as the rest of us pistol guys. The potential to customize a fresh FCU is borderline heart-racing. However, there’s something to be saidContinue reading “Sleep Paralysis – The SIG Custom Works Nightmare Series”