Remington Ammunition’s NEW 2023 Product Lineup

As the needs of shooters evolve, ammunition offerings and technology need to evolve, also. Remington has been in the ammo game for over one hundred years, so this is clearly a concept they understand. Regardless of the type of shooting that you do, Remington already offers options for you. For 2023, Remington has continued theirContinue reading “Remington Ammunition’s NEW 2023 Product Lineup”

Remington Revives A Classic: Peters Paper Shotshells

With the recent revival of Big Green, Remington’s manufacturing plant in Arkansas, Remington wanted to celebrate with a classic. Bringing classic paper shotshells together with modern performance, this is Remington’s revival of Peters Paper Shotshells. Click the link below to read more on OutdoorHub. Remington Revives A Classic: Peters Paper Shotshells

Remington Building Sporting Clays Course in Arkansas

Regardless of your industry, hobby, or brand of humor, passing it along to the next generation is important for survival. Especially in shooting sports, we’re seeing the next generation being told that what we do is wrong. To break this cycle of thinking, Remington Ammunition has partnered up with the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation. Together,Continue reading “Remington Building Sporting Clays Course in Arkansas”