Speer Impact Bullet NEW To Remington Premier Long Range Ammunition

When I hear the name Speer, I think of duty ammunition, probably due to the type of shooting I do. However, those who take fewer shots in more rugged environments equate the name with one-shot stops on their prey. Equally known in the hunting and long-range world, Remington has joined forces with Speer, its sisterContinue reading “Speer Impact Bullet NEW To Remington Premier Long Range Ammunition”

Remington’s Core-Lokt Club Starts with A Prize-Packed Bang!

For those who have been hunting for some time, deer camp is a sacred place. As times and traditions have changed, so has that sacred place. Bringing the concept into the digital world, Remington has started Core-Lokt Club. The Club is a digital platform allowing members to carry on their traditions from afar, as wellContinue reading “Remington’s Core-Lokt Club Starts with A Prize-Packed Bang!”

Remington Building Sporting Clays Course in Arkansas

Regardless of your industry, hobby, or brand of humor, passing it along to the next generation is important for survival. Especially in shooting sports, we’re seeing the next generation being told that what we do is wrong. To break this cycle of thinking, Remington Ammunition has partnered up with the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation. Together,Continue reading “Remington Building Sporting Clays Course in Arkansas”

Remington Partners with the Mule Deer Foundation

Outdoor companies and conservation organizations typically have the same goals. Everyone involved in the outdoors industry understands the need to preserve our natural environments and the animals living in them. Like Jay-Z and Beyonce, two giants have come together in an effort to make something great. A new alliance makes Remington partners with the MuleContinue reading “Remington Partners with the Mule Deer Foundation”

Remington Ammunition Hard at Work: The Return of Big Green

We are all very aware that we are in the midst of a massive ammunition shortage. While we complain about the low availability of even the most obscure cartridges, Remington is working to meet the demands of shooters. Remington has announced that they are rebooting their manufacturing plant, Big Green, in Lonoke, Arkansas. “Remington Ammunition,Continue reading “Remington Ammunition Hard at Work: The Return of Big Green”