OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses

Eyewear can serve so many different purposes in our lives. From helping us see street signs while driving to looking like Tom Cruise, glasses can make it easier to navigate life (and sometimes dating). Sunglasses can be especially helpful. I live in Colorado and we have more sunny days than not. On many of thoseContinue reading “OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses”

TFB Review: The Competition-Minded Heckler & Koch VP9 Match

I’ve been shooting competitively for a couple years now. I haven’t taken it too seriously and the number of matches I’ve attended is still in the single digits. In all of those competitions, I’ve shot my mostly stock third-generation Glock 19. The pistol is a workhorse but is by no means aimed at competitive shooters.Continue reading “TFB Review: The Competition-Minded Heckler & Koch VP9 Match”

TFB Review: The Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System

Last year was a doozy. It seemed that overnight, not only were individual rights disappearing, but so were guns and ammo. Finding 9mm was and still is nearly impossible. When you do find ammo, even steel-cased FMJ is still going for 50 cents per round. We’re all aware that dry fire is a valuable tool for stayingContinue reading “TFB Review: The Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System”

AllOutdoor Review: Athlon Optics Talos BTR 1-4x24mm LPVO

The low power variable optic, or LPVO, can no longer be called a fad. Quick to popularity within the shooting community, the LPVO was also quick to be adopted. Recently, the Sig TANGO6T was adopted as the new standard optic for the U.S. Army. There are a ton of variations of this versatile design, butContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: Athlon Optics Talos BTR 1-4x24mm LPVO”

TFB Review: The Apogee Belt From Boxer Tactical

Everyone who carries has a different experience. However, one experience that we all share is the seemingly neverending search for the best belt and hoster. That perfect holster means nothing if you don’t have the perfect belt to hold it up. Belts have a surprising number of boxes they need to check. Before I startedContinue reading “TFB Review: The Apogee Belt From Boxer Tactical”

TFB Review: Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Line of Holsters

Telor Tactical is a Georgia-based holster company. They make holsters for all manners of concealment, as well as 40mm round carriers, masks, and even seat cushions. I was recently tasked with reviewing three of their holsters: the Comfort-Air ITW Holster, the Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster, and the Comfort-Air LE Ankle Holster. I carried each of theseContinue reading “TFB Review: Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Line of Holsters”