Turkey Slayers: Riton Optics Releases Two New Red Dots

Did you miss spring turkey season? I did. Fortunately, there’s another one right around the corner. With each season, we start thinking about our gear early. Like the nights before a hot date, important considerations are made. What distances will I be shooting at? What caliber will I use? Do these jeans make me lookContinue reading “Turkey Slayers: Riton Optics Releases Two New Red Dots”

Patriotic Optics? The Limited Edition Riton Patrioptic

Riton Optics has just released the first in their line of U.S.A. assembled optics. The Riton Patrioptic is a limited edition low power variable optic (LPVO) with a little added flare for the patriots among us. The Riton Patrioptic 1-8×28 is limited edition optic and the first release of the U.S.A assembled line. Eyes onContinue reading “Patriotic Optics? The Limited Edition Riton Patrioptic”