Ruger Announces the Return of the Marlin 1895 Trapper

Lever action rifles are often thought of as old and irrelevant. Unfortunately for those who agree, you’re wrong. Several companies have been piling additional, modern features onto these guns, and I like what I’m seeing. Threaded muzzles and improved sights are just the start. The latest lever gun to get this treatment is the revivalContinue reading “Ruger Announces the Return of the Marlin 1895 Trapper”

OutdoorHub Review: The .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire

I’m not new to firearms, but I am fairly new to hunting. Not long ago, my friend Brett invited me to go on my first rabbit hunt (with a side of grouse, if we see them). I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a rifle that I’ve been curious about; TheContinue reading “OutdoorHub Review: The .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire”

TFB Review: The .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire Rifle

We all love a big boom. The thump of a .308 into your shoulder and the smack of a 175-grain chunk of metal on a steel target are thrilling. Sometimes, though, a large caliber is too much for the job. Small, swift, and effective, the .22 LR cartridge is a classic for a reason. ThoughContinue reading “TFB Review: The .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire Rifle”

The Right Rifle For the Wrong Hand: Ruger’s Left-handed 10/22

We’re you born with the wrong hand as your dominant hand? You’re not alone. It’s said that 10% of the world developed incorrectly. Joking aside, options for left-handed shooters continue to be limited. It only seems right that one of America’s most popular rimfire rifles be available to all of the masses. Look out, lefties.Continue reading “The Right Rifle For the Wrong Hand: Ruger’s Left-handed 10/22”

The NEW 10+1 LCP MAX From Ruger

High capacity in a small package has been the trend for 9mm micro compact carry pistols. However, pistols chambered in .380 ACP had seemingly been forgotten. Utilizing the same 1.5 stack magazines that have increased capacity for 9mm handguns, Ruger has given .380 a boost. This is the new 10+1 Ruger LCP MAX. Chambered inContinue reading “The NEW 10+1 LCP MAX From Ruger”

Doug Koenig Takes Production Division Win at W.A.R. Rifle Shootout

Those who are familiar with Ruger’s pro shooters will know the name Doug Koenig. Doug has been competing since 1986 and has a long list of accomplishments. This year, as the Team Ruger Captain, Doug Koenig won first place in the W.A.R. Rifle Shootout Production Division with a score of 98 points. Doug used hisContinue reading “Doug Koenig Takes Production Division Win at W.A.R. Rifle Shootout”