Strike Industries Releases the NEW Strike Bipod Grip

The modern rifle is a major improvement upon older designs in many aspects. One of the most important improvements is the expansive modularity and aftermarket that come along with each firearm. As rifles gained the ability to be easily customized, folks began to buy all of the coolest accessories. The problem with this is realContinue reading “Strike Industries Releases the NEW Strike Bipod Grip”

Strike Industries Cable Management System Sleeve

Cable management can be a pain. It wasn’t until recently that we had effective options that replaced the trusty and jagged cable tie. One downfall of some of these mounting methods was the expense. Strike Industries has given us an extremely low-cost option with their new Cable Management System Sleeve. Head to The Firearm BlogContinue reading “Strike Industries Cable Management System Sleeve”

Strike’s Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management

I still live that quad rail life. I have a lot of Picatinny rail on my AR, and a few cables, as well. I’ve cut myself on enough sharp edges from crudely severed cable ties to know that there must be a better way. Strike Industries has been releasing a lot of cable management productsContinue reading “Strike’s Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management”

Viridian Introduces Wolf Gray HS1 Handstop With Laser

Iron sights, red dots, scopes, holographic weapon sights, and good ol’ guessing. There are so many ways to aim. Another option that some shooters use is visible lasers. Oftentimes, we see automatically activated lasers on defensive handguns, but what about your rifles or pistols? Viridian Weapon Technologies has a few versions of their HS1 visibleContinue reading “Viridian Introduces Wolf Gray HS1 Handstop With Laser”

Not Your Average Rubber Band: The New Strike Bang Band

Rubber bands serve many purposes, including powering some very cool “firearms”. Some jobs are even exclusively for rubber bands, like on a tattooing machine or launching small pieces of paper at your math teacher. Our elastic companions have also been used for several purposes in the gun world. Shooters use them to retain slings, keepContinue reading “Not Your Average Rubber Band: The New Strike Bang Band”