Remington Revives A Classic: Peters Paper Shotshells

With the recent revival of Big Green, Remington’s manufacturing plant in Arkansas, Remington wanted to celebrate with a classic. Bringing classic paper shotshells together with modern performance, this is Remington’s revival of Peters Paper Shotshells. Click the link below to read more on OutdoorHub. Remington Revives A Classic: Peters Paper Shotshells

HEVI-Shot’s NEW HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads

If you don’t keep up with shotguns, they can seem to be trapped in time, especially when it comes to ammunition. They’re just shells that sling a bunch of BBs with disregard, right? You’d be surprised. Advancements in shotgun ammunition are constant. Manufacturers continue to push for specific results, especially with hunting ammo, with impressiveContinue reading “HEVI-Shot’s NEW HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads”

NEW HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads From HEVI-Shot

Hunting waterfowl can be much more complex than people think. While it might look like hunters are just blasting at the sky, a lot of thought and preparation goes into each hunt. Your clothing, shooting position, and choice of firearm are some good examples of what needs to be considered. Depending on your hunt, however,Continue reading “NEW HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads From HEVI-Shot”