In Time For Spring: APEX Ammunition Shipping Turkey TSS Loads

You might be tired of me saying it, but turkey season is just about here. I can’t help it. There’s not a whole lot of things more exciting than the start of a season. This is when we’re starting to select and prep our gear. We carefully select our boots, clothes, guns, and ammunition. WhileContinue reading “In Time For Spring: APEX Ammunition Shipping Turkey TSS Loads”

HEVI-Shot Launches NEW HEVI-18 TSS Turkey Loads

I can’t believe it’s almost spring again. Flowers, bees, and shootin’ turkeys. Turkey season will be upon us soon and it’s time to start deciding what gear you’ll be using this year. Aside from the gun, ammunition selection is one of the most important decisions you can make. HEVI-Shot, while at the National Wild Turkey Federation’sContinue reading “HEVI-Shot Launches NEW HEVI-18 TSS Turkey Loads”

Two NEW 20-Gauge High Brass Game Load Options From Federal

Twenty-gauge shotguns have been putting food on the table for small game hunters for years. The gauge has a reputation for being light-recoiling and easy to use. The newest release from Federal intends to take care of those hunting small game with their trusty 20-gauge shotguns. New for 2022, Federal Premium is releasing two newContinue reading “Two NEW 20-Gauge High Brass Game Load Options From Federal”

Federal’s Upland Steel Shotshells Using Paper Wads In 2022

Bird hunters understand the big-time benefits they get from using steel shotshells. Being denser than lead, steel allows the same size pattern to have more pellets than traditional lead. Using steel shot also keeps lead pollution levels lower, keeping our hunting spots clean. Federal Premium is releasing their popular Upland Steel shotshells, but using paperContinue reading “Federal’s Upland Steel Shotshells Using Paper Wads In 2022”

NEW For 2022: Federal Top Gun Lead and Steel Paper Wad

Busting clays is a very old and fun tradition. While some shooters do it as Sunday meditation, there are some very good competitive shooters who specialize in the sport. For those shooters, Federal has released the new Top Gun Lead and Top Gun Steel shotshells. These are made especially for shooting clays, and they useContinue reading “NEW For 2022: Federal Top Gun Lead and Steel Paper Wad”

Federal Premium Releases NEW Force X2 Shorty Shotshells

When it comes to gunfighting, it’s been proven time and again that the side with more rounds will win. Shotguns aren’t known for their large capacities, meaning that those using them for defense could use some creativity. One way to fit more in the tube is to make the shells shorter, and that’s exactly whatContinue reading “Federal Premium Releases NEW Force X2 Shorty Shotshells”

Remington Revives A Classic: Peters Paper Shotshells

With the recent revival of Big Green, Remington’s manufacturing plant in Arkansas, Remington wanted to celebrate with a classic. Bringing classic paper shotshells together with modern performance, this is Remington’s revival of Peters Paper Shotshells. Click the link below to read more on OutdoorHub. Remington Revives A Classic: Peters Paper Shotshells

New HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Upland Loads From HEVI-Shot

HEVI-Shot is more than just a brand name. Focusing on using high-density materials, the company has sought to help hunters more effectively take game. One of their lines of hunting ammunition, HEVI-Hammer, has a new addition. Using a mix of dense metals to increase a hunter’s chance of hitting upland birds, this is the HEVI-HammerContinue reading “New HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Upland Loads From HEVI-Shot”

HEVI-Shot’s NEW HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads

If you don’t keep up with shotguns, they can seem to be trapped in time, especially when it comes to ammunition. They’re just shells that sling a bunch of BBs with disregard, right? You’d be surprised. Advancements in shotgun ammunition are constant. Manufacturers continue to push for specific results, especially with hunting ammo, with impressiveContinue reading “HEVI-Shot’s NEW HEVI-Hammer Bismuth-Steel Dove Loads”

Federal Premium Expands the Upland Steel Line of Shotshells

Finding the right ammunition for your hunt is an important task. With each gun being an individual, I find that having more ammo options is always better. Upland bird hunters who are familiar with Federal Premium’s Upland Steel line will notice something new on their website. Federal has added two 12 Gauge shell options toContinue reading “Federal Premium Expands the Upland Steel Line of Shotshells”